Automatically share submissions

  • We’ve added a new automation action which allows you to automatically share submissions. 
  • Submissions can be shared with either a specific user or with a person that has been selected in a user lookup field as part of the form.
  • Use this new automation to seamlessly share submissions with line managers or other relevant staff members and notify them that action is required. 
Automate the share action to notify relevant stakeholders

Set up custom sender address per form

  • Clients using a custom domain now have the option to set a custom sender address per form. Once set, system emails from Omnitrack will be delivered from your custom address.
  • This allows multiple departments or teams that are using Omnitrack to maintain full control over their communications and process. 
  • To edit a sender address on a form navigate to ‘Edit form’ >> ‘Share your form’.

Option to change the ‘To’ address when requesting more info

  • Request more info from either the assigned user or any shared user on a submission by entering their email address in the ‘To’ field.

Added missing actions to the bulk change menu via ‘select all’

  • Bulk changes via ‘select all’ on the View Submissions page now support all actions including ‘Update Responsible Admin’ and ‘Reassign’.

Form data now available in lookup fields

  • We’ve added the option to dynamically look up the assigned user, last updated date, and created date when adding a Lookup field to your form.

Addition of admin fields to automations

  • We’ve added support for admin-only fields in the conditions of Automations. To use admin fields select ‘Add a condition’ >> ‘Form field’ and select a question.

Bug fixes

  • Export to CSV now includes ‘Last Status Change’ and ‘Last Updated Date’ columns.
  • Removed a misleading error message when admins go from Edit Form back to the submissions grid. 
  • Fixed the appearance of bulleted lists in field titles and descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly changing the key value of a lookup field was causing errors.
  • Fixed the global search for responsible admin.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering a data table in reports would not display your filter condition if you left and returned to the page.
  • Fixed a data issue that occurred when changing a drop-down field to a number field. 

Shared users on the grid

  • The list of shared users can be displayed on the grid for each submission by clicking ‘show/hide fields’ and selecting the ‘shared users’ column. The shared users can also be included in exports to Excel for reporting. 

Visibility conditions support ‘is not’ logic

  • The visibility logic in Form Builder has been updated to allow users to set an ‘is not’ condition. 
  • For example, if you need a specific workflow for your UK office you can set up branching logic for all other countries by setting a section to appear when the country selected is not the UK. 

Some work behind the scenes to make the application faster

  • We enhanced the load time of the reports and submissions pages.

DAC6 reporting 

  • As of 13 July 2021, the German tax authority (BZST) is updating its reporting system. Reporting will be temporarily disabled and return on 20 July 2021 when they bring it back online. Omnitrack has been updated to use the new reporting schema from this date.
  • The reporting schema for Belgium has also been updated to reflect the latest version released for reporting in Belgium. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various issues with confirmation checkbox fields
    • Typing into the field causing the cursor to jump
    • Checkbox not displaying when admin views a submission after it had been saved
  • Fixed an issue where lookup subfields were appearing out of order
  • Fixed an issue where the reports share link redirected to an incorrect page
  • Fixed the height of paragraph fields shown by conditional logic

User lookup fields

  • A user lookup field allows you to reference your existing user data when filling in a form. If you need to reference a manager or partner on a submission, you can add a User Lookup field and allow people to choose from your up-to-date user list instead of manually entering someone’s details.

All form-related system notifications in one place

  • You can find and edit all system emails relating to a form in the Notifications tab. Navigate to Edit form >> Notifications to review your templates. 
  • All customised templates and settings have been carried over to the Notifications tab.

Limit access to assigned and shared users

  • Direct links to submissions can only be viewed by the users that are assigned or shared on the specific submission.

Addition of automations audit trail

  • All system automations are now being logged in the audit trail. 

Comma seperators in dashboard cards and tabs

  • Thousand separators have been added to all numbers on dashboard cards and on tabs on the View Submissions page to make it easier to read large numbers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where automation rules using ‘Contains’ were looking for an exact match instead of a partial match.
  • Fixed an issue where some form admins were listed in the reminders dropdown multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where conditional logic dropdowns were displaying field names out of order.
  • Submission drawer dates are now always consistent with the submissions grid in every timezone. 

Enhanced automations

  • Automate more steps in your workflow with custom triggers and a robust set of conditions. For example, you can create an automation that will assign Rebecca as the Responsible Admin when the answer to ‘Office Location’ is ‘New York’ but assign the submission to John if the answer is ‘London’. 

Immediate save of Assigned User, Responsible Admin and Status for admins

  • The dropdown fields for Status, Assigned User and Responsible Admin can now be saved independently of form data.
  • Click the blue checkmark to save your changes to these fields.

Improvements to field lookups

  • Field lookups were released in our last version and are designed to reference data in your forms from another existing form (instructional video here).
  • In this version we’ve added the ability to reference:
    • date fields
    • admin only fields

Additional actions on ‘select all’ on the submissions grid

  • Users can choose to ‘Share submission’ and ‘Update responsible admin’ after selecting all submissions. 

Years will appear in the submission timeline

  • The submission timeline will now display the year in which a change was made as you scroll through.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem where admin only questions were appearing out of order when section logic is applied.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple choice and confirmation box selections were appearing blank in some circumstances for admins.
  • Long confirmation checkbox text now wraps correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the sub-fields within a lookup field were appearing out of order in form logic.
  • Fixed an issue where searching a specific submission tab with ‘contains’ would also filter the rest of the tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on shared submission links took users to a blank dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with global search returning inaccurate submission counts.

Lookup fields

  • Lookup fields are a new field type designed to save your users time and provide more accurate data.
  • Use lookup fields to reference data from another form. Instead of asking users to enter data again, use a lookup field to create a link to the second form and prompt users to choose a submission from there.
How to set up a Lookup field

Enhancements to confirmation checkbox fields

  • Confirmation checkbox fields can be used to verify that the user has understood the information presented to them or to prompt the user to check their responses before submitting a form. 
  • Confirmation checkbox fields can now be used in flagging or form branching logic. For example, admins can create logic to open a new set of questions only after the confirmation box is ticked.

Optimised global search feature

  • The global search is more responsive when searching through large numbers of submissions.

Default sort order on the forms dashboard

  • Forms will now be sorted A-Z by default.

Bug fixes

  • Cleaned up the password reset page to improve layout and usability.
  • Fixed an issue where typing ‘0’ into a number field was displaying an error on submit.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Request more info’ emails were failing to send in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where admin-only fields were not appearing in the visibility logic dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue where reminders were not sent for ‘Not started’ submissions.
  • Fixed an issue where logic was breaking when the value entered into certain fields was quickly and repeatedly changed. 
  • Fixed an issue where there was no option to retain existing users when doing a bulk user upload.

Restrict form access to specific user groups

How to restrict form access to specific user groups
  • Clients with user groups can take advantage of our new access restriction feature on Form Builder. This is great for limiting access to a specific internal or external audience. For example, you could limit a form to only be visible/shareable with one office, or you could create groups for internal staff and external suppliers and limit each form to the correct audience.
  • To restrict access to a specific audience navigate to ‘Edit form’ >> ‘Share your form’ >> ‘Access’.
  • Toggle the setting on to decide which user groups will be able to view your form. 
  • Users within the selected groups will not be able to share or assign forms to users outside of the group.
  • (Note: Navigate to the Users page to set up user groups.)

Import/Export forms

How to export and import forms
  • You can now seamlessly export a form from your sandbox/development Omnitrack site into your live Omnitrack system.
  • This is especially helpful for clients that host Omnitrack on premises who can move forms between environments or from a hosted sandbox to an on-premises system.

Emojis in field titles and descriptions

  • Emojis can help make your form easier to read and understand while also adding some colour. We use emojis in field names and in instructional text to draw attention to key points.
  • To add an emoji, navigate to ‘Edit form’ >> ‘Form builder’ and hover over any field. Click on the emoji picker in the bottom left hand corner and select your favourite.

Cleaner default column layout

  • The default column layout for both admins and end users has been simplified to show more of the form information that helps to identify each submission.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with iPad compatibility using certain types of single sign on.
  • Fixed an issue where reminders aren’t sent for submissions in ‘Not Started’ status. 
  • Fixed an issue where a mandatory field which had been archived prevented end users from submitting their form.
  • When an admin creates a new submission and clicks ‘Save changes’ the submission remains in ‘Not Started’ instead of transitioning to ‘In Progress’. 

Custom statuses and automations

We’re always assessing how we can make Omnitrack even more flexible, practical and effective, and are excited today to introduce ‘custom statuses and automations’.

The ‘Edit Form’ section of Omnitrack now features two new pages – Statuses and Automations – that allow you to define your own workflow statuses and automation rules. Like all Omnitrack settings, these settings are intuitive, flexible and easy to set up with no technical know-how required.

View, edit, and delete statuses from the new statuses page

You can find an in-detail explanation of the new features here.

New notifications feature on form builder

  • In addition to the existing option to edit a global system template, we’ve added the ability to edit emails on a per form basis. For example, you can customise your ‘Share Submission’ template for your DAC6 form and have a different ‘Share Submission’ template with different wording for your Health and Safety form.
  • To access this feature navigate to ‘Edit form’ on an existing form and click into the new ‘Notifications’ page.
New notifications page allows you to edit emails for a specific form

Enhanced mobile view for end-users

  • End users will enjoy an upgraded and more seamless mobile experience.

New confirmation field type

  • Confirmation checkbox fields are an important part of many workflows that require users to affirm that they have completed or understood their process.

End user dashboard displays archived forms

End users can view their submissions on archived forms but editing will be disabled until the form is restored to ‘live’ status.

Comma separators added to number and currency fields

When users type into any number or currency field commas separators will be added automatically to reduce errors in number input.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the search bar in the template library.
  • Fixed an issue with the folder selection dropdown being blank even when the form was in a folder.
  • Fixed the incorrect hover text displaying on the ‘Ownership’ column.
  • Fixed various text overlaps on the reports page.

Form performance enhancements

  • Data collection in Omnitrack is fast and simple. This latest release includes a complete overhaul of the ‘forms engine’ which makes the Omnitrack experience of filling in and reviewing forms faster and smoother.
  • The new forms engine features quicker navigation, seamless data input, and improved handling of very long forms with complex logic.

Ease of use improvements

DAC6 dropdown field with search
  • The new top bar will be ‘sticky’ at the top of the screen and always available to users, including:
    • An autosave indicator which lets you know when your changes have been saved and it’s safe to close the form
    • New and cleaner “share and reassign” icon
    • New and cleaner “export” icon
  • Dropdown search
    • Dropdown fields now include a search bar so users can easily find the value they are looking for
  • New date picker
    • The date picker has a new look and will no longer get hidden by pesky browser suggestions or other fields

Admin dashboard redesign

Admin dashboard with newly-designed folders and forms
  • The main administrator dashboard has been redesigned to improve the visual appearance and to show more useful information to administrators at a glance.
  • You can now create folders to help organise your forms by department or by type. (Folder permissions are coming soon to restrict admins to specific folders.)
  • Tick the top-right corner of a form or folder card to view the new actions menu. You can now manage and organise folders and forms in bulk.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a typo on the reminders page.
  • Fixed the issue where paragraph fields were not displaying all of the text by default.
  • Fixed the dashboard sort not saving your last preference.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering the emails audit trail by subject gave an error.

Features & improvements

Folders and form organisation

  • Folders on the main admin dashboard have been redesigned with further visual improvements coming. 
  • Forms which have been added to folders will no longer appear in the Forms section of the page, so your dashboard will stay clean and organised with many forms.
  • You can save steps by selecting a folder when creating a new form, as well as creating a new form from within a folder.
  • Performance improvements have been made for a faster and smoother dashboard experience.

Reporting enhancements

  • Graphs and charts now include the option to hide blank responses to the question you are reporting on. 
  • All graphs allow you to report on ‘Admin only’ fields.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with rules logic that was causing some submissions to be unintentionally archived when updated via the public API.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Select All’ where changing the applied filter and running a second bulk action would save your previous selections in the background.

Features & improvements

Folders for admin dashboard

  • Admins can now organise their forms into folders. You can get started with folders by selecting ‘New folder’ on the forms dashboard. 
  • Sorting preferences on the dashboard will now automatically save between sessions. 

Counter widget improvements

  • The counter widget can now count responses for dropdowns, multi select questions, and date fields.

DAC6 reporting

  • Reporting for Taxpayers is now available for all relevant jurisdictions.
  • We’ve implemented XML reporting for Romania and Lithuania.

Form and field deletion

  • The system will now display more details about which form or field you are about to delete to avoid any nasty accidents. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue for clients using SSO where direct links to forms in system emails were not directing admins to a specific submission.
  • Fixed an issue where the width of the grey background on exported submissions sometimes varied from page to page.
  • Fixed an issue where field placeholders were not appearing properly in reminder emails to administrators.
  • Fixed an issue where turning a customised system notification off and back on would revert the email text back to the default template. 
  • Added more detailed error messages to the user bulk upload process.