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Online ESG Training

Increase staff awareness of ESG and the impact your company and staff can have

ESG training for companies: Get your employees trained

A core part of any ESG initiative is employee training. Training all staff transforms ESG from an isolated activity undertaken by a small group of staff into a process that is deeply embedded into an organisation’s culture. Further, ESG rating agencies and reporting frameworks use training as a measure of ESG effectiveness.

VinciWorks’ ESG awareness training is designed to give your employees an overview of what ESG means, why it’s important, and what you can do to help your company achieve its ESG goals. While our micro-course gives an introduction to ESG, our in-depth course goes into further detail of each employee's personal role and responsibilities in their company's ESG initiatives.

Our suite of ESG compliance courses

ESG: The Basics

A short introduction to what ESG is, why it's important and the core concepts around ESG.


ESG: Fundamentals

An in-depth awareness course that delves into the personal role each employee plays in your company's ESG initiatives.


Climate Change

A course providing a working knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of climate change.


ESG: Practical applications

This course breaks down the three elements of ESG by providing a comprehensive 'best practice' understanding for a collection of topics which fall under each category.


What is ESG Training?

On the most basic level, ESG training teaches users what ESG is, why it's important and explains the core concepts around ESG. Training raises users’ awareness of how ESG impacts an organisation’s strategy and financial considerations. There might be a variety of courses covering ESG on different levels such as an introductory course giving basic explanations of the factors and a more in-depth course that will cover areas such as disclosure, financial analysis, climate risks, and training on the social and governance parts of ESG such as diversity and inclusion, customer satisfaction, policy making, and more.

A good course will be tailored to the user’s role and provide users with an understanding of the personal role each employee plays in their company's ESG initiatives.

Why is ESG training important?

ESG did not come from one single source. It wasn’t sparked by a new law, although regulations are being developed to embed ESG reporting. It was spurred by institutional investors, but has grown into something of an industry itself. ESG is set to play an increasing role in why investors, stakeholders and even potential employees choose to associate themselves with a company. Our training provides a singular measure of how well a company is able to respond to ESG-related challenges, from regulatory faults and fines to environmental disasters and social disruption.


What will you learn in ESG training?

  • Understand what ESG means
  • Understand the company’s responsibility towards ESG initiatives
  • Understand how you and your company can have a positive impact on ESG
  • Learn about the link between ESG and the supply chain
  • Get to grips with current and upcoming ESG regulations
  • Review what’s been learnt with interactive test questions
Choosing the right course

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