ESG - Environment, Social, Governance

Increase staff awareness of ESG with VinciWorks’ in-depth online course

Getting your entire staff on-board with ESG

Global businesses are no longer working on environmental, social and governance issues in a silo. They are bringing them together under the banner of ESG to demonstrate the positive impact the business is having on the world. By combining issues like carbon emissions, progressive hiring practices and strong compliance, businesses can show not only are they a sound investment, but they have a net positive impact on the world.

VinciWorks will soon be releasing a new course covering a wide range of topics on the subject of ESG. The course covers the basics of ESG and why it matters, the role businesses should be playing and what staff can do to play their part. The course also covers some of the most prominent ESG issues such as the supply chain and ethical procurement, as long as current and upcoming ESG regulations.

Why is ESG important?

ESG did not come from one single source. It wasn’t sparked by a new law, although regulations are being made to embed ESG reporting. ESG was spurred by institutional investors, but has grown into something of an industry itself. ESG is set to play an increasing role in why investors, stakeholders and even potential employees choose to associate themselves with a company. From regulatory faults and fines to environmental disasters and social disruption, and provides a singular measure of how well a company is able to respond to those challenges.


Learner outcomes

  • Understand what ESG means
  • Understand the company’s responsibility towards ESG initiatives
  • Your organisation's responsibility to customers
  • Understand how your company can have a positive impact on ESG
  • Learn about the link between ESG and the supply chain
  • Distinguish ESG facts from the fiction
  • Get to grips with current and upcoming ESG regulations
  • Review what’s been learnt with interactive test questions

VinciWorks’ complete ESG compliance solution

ESG ratings detail and document how a company impacts on the environment, on society and people, and their own corporate governance. With governments working together towards ambitious targets, such as net-zero carbon emissions, end individuals increasingly likely to make everyday decisions with ESG in mind, now is the time for businesses to take it seriously.

VinciWorks’ ESG compliance solution allows each business to choose the most relevant topics to cover in their ESG compliance package. There is no one-size-fits-all, so risk managers can tailor-build their own reporting dashboards, customise their own training or choose the products from our library. We will work with you to create a multi-year ESG plan according to the ESG framework that works for your organisation.

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