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Stress at Work Training

Unwind and thrive

Train your staff and managers on managing stress
and supporting colleagues

Stress in the workplace is a common challenge that can negatively impact employee well-being and productivity. Our courses on managing stress at work offer participants valuable insights and coping strategies to manage stress effectively. Participants can learn about the sources of workplace stress, recognise early signs of burnout, and develop techniques to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

With our in-browser editing tool, you can now tailor any of the courses in real-time to align with your organisation's specific wellbeing initiatives. Edits are clearly visible, and you can easily share the updated training materials with your colleagues via a unique link.

Stress Training

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What do our courses on stress cover?

  • The causes and effects of workplace stress
  • Identifying early signs of stress and burnout
  • Techniques for managing stress effectively
  • Building resilience and emotional well-being
  • Mindfulness practices for stress reduction
  • Creating a supportive and positive work environment