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VinciWorks’ webinars

Upcoming webinars

AI regulation in the UK, EU and rest of the world

			  Omnitrack webinar

Wednesday 24 July, 12pm (UK)

Omnitrack Product Walkthrough

				  Omnitrack webinar

Choose a date that suits you

Omnitrack Demo — AML Onboarding

				  AML onboarding webinar

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On-demand webinars

What the General Election means for compliance

UK Elections Webinar

Broadcast 26 June, 2024

Risk mitigation for bribery - What do companies need to know?

Anti-bribery Webinar

Broadcast 19 June, 2024

Compliance in higher and further education — Best practice

HEFE Webinar

Broadcast 29 May, 2024

GDPR — Six years on

GDPR Webinar

Broadcast 22 May, 2024

Emergency response at work — Planning for the unexpected

Emergency response Webinar

Broadcast 15 May, 2024

Making your organisation more neurodiversity friendly

					  Neurodiversity Webinar

Broadcast 10 April, 2024

Getting to grips with proliferation financing one year on

Proliferation Financing Webinar

Broadcast 3 April, 2024

Caring for carers at work

					  Carers Webinar

Broadcast 20 March, 2024

An international perspective on gifts, hospitality and bribery laws

					  Gifts and Hospitality Webinar

Broadcast Wednesday 13 March, 2024

Make your organisation menopause friendly

					  Menopause webinar

Broadcast 6 March, 2024

Global sanctions compliance in 2024

					  Sanctions webinar

Broadcast 28 February, 2024

Understanding the EU AI Act — What do companies need to know?

					  AI webinar

Broadcast 21 February, 2024

US companies, get ready for the EU’s AI Act. Could it happen here like GDPR?

					  AI webinar

Broadcast 21 February, 2024

AI and compliance in the workplace

					  AI webinar

Broadcast 7 February, 2024

Understanding failure to prevent fraud — The new UK compliance requirement

				  Fraud webinar

Broadcast 24 January, 2024

Compliance trends 2024 — What to put on your agenda

				  Compliance trends webinar

Broadcast 17 January, 2024

GDPR & Automation — Tracking the Challenges of Compliance

				 GDPR and automation Webinar

Broadcast 29 November, 2023

20 years of Cybersecurity Awareness Month - How far have we come?

				 Cyber Security Webinar

Broadcast 25 October, 2023

New Safer Universities Training Course - Product Walkthrough

				 Safer Universities webinar

Broadcast 5 October, 2023

Gifts and Hospitality Registers - The Overlooked Compliance Challenge

				 Gifts and hospitality webinar

Broadcast 20 September, 2023

Health and safety in the inflation age

				 Health and safety webinar

Broadcast 23 August, 2023

Decoding CSRD - Understanding Sustainability Compliance and Reporting

				 CSRD webinar

Broadcast 19 July, 2023

SRA's Diversity Survey - Beating the deadline with the SRA's Head of EDI

				  SRA diversity webinar

Broadcast 5 July, 2023

Supporting sexual minority employees in the workplace

Sexual Orientation Webinar

Broadcast 31 May, 2023

GDPR — Five years on

				  GDPR webinar

Broadcast 24 May, 2023

FCA compliance — Are you doing enough to combat money laundering?

				  GDPR webinar

Broadcast Wednesday 17 May, 12pm (UK)

AML compliance — Are paper-based ID checks dead?

              AML ID checks

Broadcast Wednesday 22 March

The intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion

				  Intersectionality Webinar

Broadcast 22 February 2023

UK Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR) - In conversation with HMRC

			  MDR webinar

Broadcast Wednesday 15 February 2023

Health, safety and the supply chain in a changing world

              OHS Webinar

Broadcast 25 January 2023

Managing the risks of doing business with third parties

              Third Party Risk Management Webinar

Broadcast 23 November 2022

Racial bias at work — The employees’ perspective

Racial bias webinar

Broadcast 16 November 2022

Tackling Modern slavery — Making a difference beyond tick-box compliance

Modern slavery webinar

Broadcast on 26 October 2022

ESG — Your questions answered

ESG webinar

Broadcast on 14 September 2022

What’s the latest in AML compliance and what does the LSAG guidance say about it?

Anti-money laundering webinar

Broadcast on 8 September 2022

Neurodiversity in the workplace - Thinking differently

Neurodiversity webinar

Broadcast on 13 July 2022

AML - Maintaining compliance in uncertain times

AML webinar

Broadcast on 29 June 2022

Getting to grips with global sanctions

Sanctions webinar

Broadcast on 15 June 2022

GDPR — Four years on

GDPR webinar

Broadcast 25 May 2022

ESG — Understanding reporting frameworks

ESG webinar

Broadcast on 6 April 2022

Diversity and inclusion — How to be an effective ally

Allyship webinar

Broadcast on 23 March 2022

Whistleblowing — Are you up to date?

ESG webinar

Broadcast on 9 February, 2022

How to successfully implement an ESG programme

ESG webinar

Broadcast on 26 January 2022

What’s on the compliance agenda for 2022?

Compliance Agenda Webinar

Broadcast on 12 January 2022

Mandatory Disclosure Rules in the UK — Understanding HMRC's consultation

MDR UK webinar

Broadcast on 15 December 2021

COP26 and compliance — ESG after Glasgow

ESG webinar

Broadcast on 17 November 2021

DAC6 — 10 months on

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 10 November 2021

2021: Q4 — What’s on the regulatory agenda?

Regulatory Agenda webinar

Broadcast on 6 October 2021

Data Protection — What the UK wants to change

Data protection on-demand webinar

Recorded on 13 September 2021

Diversity — Managing reasonable adjustments in the age of hybrid work

Diversity Webinar

Broadcast on 1 September 2021

GDPR — Back to the Office

GDPR Webinar

Broadcast on 25 August 2021

Code of conduct — How to get your staff on board

Code of Conduct Webinar

Broadcast on 11 August 2021

Mental Health — Returning to the Office

Mental Health Webinar

Broadcast on 13 July 2021

Anti-money laundering — Understanding best practice

AML Webinar

Broadcast on 30 June 2021

GDPR — Three years on

GDPR Webinar

Broadcast on 25 May 2021

ESG — The new era in corporate accountability

Regulatory Agenda Webinar

Broadcast on 12 May 2021

2021: Q2 — What’s on the regulatory agenda?

Regulatory Agenda Webinar

Broadcast on 21 April 2021

The Posted Workers Directive (PWD) — What you need to know

PWD Webinar

Broadcast on 24 March 2021

Tax Evasion — A Global Compliance Risk

Tax Evasion Webinar

Broadcast on 17 March 2021

OECD's Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR) — What you need to know

Anti-Bribery Webinar

Broadcast on 24 February 2021

Anti-bribery — Maintaining compliance

Anti-Bribery Webinar

Broadcast on 3 February 2021

DAC6 is here — What now?

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 20 January 2021

DAC6 in the UK — What now?

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 6 January 2021

DAC6 — The non-legal perspective

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 25 November 2020

DAC6 reporting — Your questions answered

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 28 October 2020

DAC6 reporting solution — Feature updates

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 29 July 2020

DAC6 for multinationals — An overview of VinciWorks' DAC6 reporting solution

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 3 June 2020

Health and safety and Covid-19 — Getting back to work safely

Health and safety webinar

Recorded on 21 May 2020

Financial crime — Mitigating risks during COVID-19

DAC6 webinar

Recorded on 14 May 2020

DAC6 — What multinationals need to know

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 13 May 2020

DAC6 — Advanced workflows in practice

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 6 May 2020

GDPR — Maintaining compliance during the pandemic

DAC6 webinar

Recorded on 27 April 2020

DAC6 — Understanding HMRC's draft guidance

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 22 April 2020

Mental Health: Wellbeing at Work

Mental health webinar

Broadcast on 25 March 2020

DAC6 — A live demo of our reporting solution

DAC6 demo webinar

Broadcast on 4 March 2020

DAC6 — How to prepare

DAC6 webinar

Broadcast on 26 February 2020

Is GDPR over? What Brexit means for UK data protection law

GDPR Brexit webinar

Broadcast on 28 January 2020

Fifth Money Laundering Directive — What Now?

Fifth Directive Webinar

Broadcast on 15 January 2020

SRA Standards and Regulations — Your questions answered

Broadcast on 4 December 2019

Health and safety at work — beyond ticking the box

Broadcast on 27 November 2019

Whistleblowing — Understanding your rights

Broadcast on 20 November 2019

Understanding the SRA Regulatory Reforms

Broadcast on 18 September 2019

DAC6 — Understanding tax disclosure requirements

Broadcast on 19 June 2019

Diversity and inclusion — how to lead the way

Broadcast on 5 June 2019

GDPR — A Year in Review

Broadcast on 29 May 2019

GDPR Mythbusters 2019 — Are you compliant?

Broadcast on 10 April 2019

Competition Law — Know Your Market

Broadcast on 16 January 2019

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