Track external certification and training with SiteWize, the latest feature for WorkWize LMS.

External training and certification that happens outside of your Learning Management System can be difficult to track.

This is an issue, as demonstrating compliance is an essential part of any tender or bidding process. If contracts are to be managed effectively it’s necessary to keep track of which employees have the right internal or external certification and training. This ensures employees have the correct documentation in place to enter a site.

SiteWize provides a solution to this issue by allowing employees to upload and store relevant external certificates and documents into the Learning Management System.

How does it work?

SiteWize allows you to configure your own training requirements. Within your training requirements your employees are able to view documents, sign policies, complete knowledge tests and most importantly – upload any relevant certificates or documents to complete the process.

The administrator is then able to instantly report on the employees who have completed the required training and provided the correct documentation. You can even set a requirement for the employee to complete the process again in the future, ensuring you
have an up-to-date list of compliant employees.

Easy-to-use Rapid Authoring Tool

Our easy-to-use rapid authoring tool enables you to:

Create your own SCORM compliant courses, or customise any of the content from the EssentialSkillz course library. Our integrated editor lets you create courses in minutes!

Convert existing classroom training materials and deliver them as your own eLearning courses. Use the built-in templates to create pages and add tests to check knowledge. Add your own images, links and even videos from popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Embed PowerPoints directly into the course. Take your existing training and put it inside an eLearning course in no time.

Record a full event history of the changes made to the courses and archive a copy of the course every time you click “Publish”. This allows you to access the exact course thatwas available on a certain date.

Deploy courses from your own LMS and still have the full audit trail and course history built in to WorkWize Author.

Create courses using WorkWize Author. Our team will develop a beautiful course frame for it to sit in specifically branded for your business, so your courses look like your courses, with your own corporate colours, design and logo.


Combine our key features with your existing platform to strengthen your compliance training management.

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Ensuring your documents are distributed, read, understood and audit proof

Distribute – With WorkWize Document Sign Off you can deliver any document to your workforce e.g. word doc, PDF, powerpoint, or a webpage. Document distribution can be automated. This means that delivery, reminder emails, and re-enrolment happens without any intervention from an administrator.

Read – Once the document has been automatically sent to an employee, they will receive continuous reminder emails for them to read it. If an employee fails to read the document in time, they will be marked as non-compliant and highlighted in reports within your compliance dashboard.

Understood – Once the document has been read, employees will be required to digitally sign the document. WorkWize Document Sign Off takes  compliance to the next level by allowing you to add a test to each document. Now you’ll have proof that employees have read the document and more importantly – understood it.

Audit trail – WorkWize Document Sign Off maintains a complete audit trail and full version control for all documents. Comprehensive and dynamic reporting is available to give you insight into your document’s compliance levels.


Combine our key features with your existing platform to strengthen your compliance training management.

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ErgoWize RiskLink Integration

ErgoWize can be integrated with your Learning Management System through RiskLink. This enables users to complete the eLearning and the risk assessment within the main learning environment of your LMS.

The data generated from the risk assessment is seamlessly fed back into WorkWize, allowing administrators to log into WorkWize to manage the risks raised. The end user experience is confined to the third party LMS, which means all training and online employee risk assessments are launched from the same LMS

Here is a breakdown of all the features you receive through RiskLink opposed to the full ErgoWize system.


RiskLink Full System
ErgoWize Course
DSE Assessment (print only)
DSE Assessment (full)
End user Risk resolution
Escalation of Risk issues to managers
Editable Course
Editable Assessment
Full Management of risk issues
Audit trail of measures taken to reduce risk
View risk by individual or concern (trend analysis)
Automated enrolment on course and assessment
Automated periodic re-enrollment on course and assessment
Full compliance dashboard
Detailed configurable reporting on course and assessment
KPI Reports for course and assessment



Combine our key features with your existing platform to strengthen your compliance training management.

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Track ILT training alongside eLearning

Track offline “Instructor Led” or Classroom Training alongside eLearning creating a single unified training record for your employees.

As a training administrator you can create ILT courses and automatically enrol employees on the course. Once the course has been completed, you are then able to upload an attendance sheet, indicate agreed or non-agreed absences and allocate a score to each employee that attended.

The ILT Module from WorkWize at a glance:

  • Offline Training fully integrated into WorkWize LMS
  • Track ILT training alongside eLearning
  • Upload attendance sheets
  • Mark agreed or non-agreed absences
  • Allocate scores to trainees
  • Report on all training
  • Easy to use interface


Combine our key features with your existing platform to strengthen your compliance training management.

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