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Fire Safety at Work Training

Reduce the risk of fire at your workplace

Fire safety training for both specialist and non-specialist staff

Irrespective of the nature of your work, fire safety training shouldn't be viewed as another tick box exercise. Not only is it a legal necessity, but effective training plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of safety in the workplace. Most workplaces, be they offices, shops, factories or laboratories contain multiple fire hazards so it’s important that your employees know about the risks of a fire and the measures that should be in place to reduce the risk of one starting.

Our IOSH-approved fire safety courses are designed to keep you and your employees safe and offer a comprehensive overview of how to spot, minimise and control fire risks at work.

Fire Safety Training

Our collection of fire safety courses

Knowledge Checks

What will you learn in our fire safety courses?

  • How to spot fire hazards at work
  • How to prevent fires at work
  • Employees’ roles in fire prevention
  • What to do when you hear a fire alarm
  • What a safe evacuation looks like
  • How hazardous electrical equipment can be
  • The importance of risk assessments
  • The PAT testing process
  • When and how to use firefighting equipment
  • How to use the right fire extinguisher