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Online anti-bribery training for your organisation

Choose the right online anti-bribery training for your organisation.

Bribery in the workplace involves an employee or associated person accepting or issuing a bribe in order to gain a business advantage for either themselves or their organisation. Avoiding bribery is the essential task of an individual and an organisation if they want to avoid the penalties of the UK Bribery Act 2010.

All organisations in any kind of industry must implement a robust anti-bribery and corruption policy, and subsequently, ensure a commitment to this policy from all employees and associated persons through anti-bribery and corruption training.

Get your entire staff on board with anti-bribery training

Compliance should be far more than simply a tick-box exercise. VinciWorks' suite of anti-bribery courses brings together gamified learning, personalised content, short bursts of information and refresher training. Our course builders make delivering the most relevant content to each employee easy, while real-life scenarios make the training engaging for the user.

Our anti-bribery & corruption compliance courses

Anti-Bribery Fundamentals

Gain an understanding of the risks of bribery and how to identify red flags. A unique course builder delivers personalised training to each learner.


Anti-Bribery: Know Your Deal

Users respond to a set of realistic characters and scenarios, some of whom may be trying to offer, or ask for, a bribe.


FCPA: Know Your Deal

Adopting the same interactive, scenario based format of Anti-Bribery: Know Your Deal, this gamified course covers the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).


Anti-Bribery Knowledge Check

A short course that tests users' knowledge of the UK Bribery Act 2010 and ability to identify possible signs of bribery.


Anti-Bribery Global

This course helps multi-national organisations train employees around the world with content tailored to each location and jurisdiction.


Anti-Bribery: The Basics

This short course presents an overview of anti-bribery best practice around the world.


Why Choose VinciWorks for anti bribery and corruption training?

Our courses are designed to raise awareness of the most common issues relating to bribery and corruption that national and international firms may face. Multiple course versions ensure that there is something appropriate for everyone on staff, from in-depth courses for high-risk individuals to more basic overviews and refresher courses, and the courses are customisable with the possibility to add modules for internal policies and procedures. Real-life scenarios and tests ensure that users internalise and retain the material and know how to apply it in real life.

What is anti-bribery training?

Anti-bribery training teaches users the key things they need to know about bribery law, how to prevent bribery from occurring, and the warning signs to look out for.

Why is anti-bribery compliance training important for companies?

Navigating international laws and regulations around bribery can be very complex. Cultural customs can sometimes amount to bribery. What may be regarded as perfectly 'normal' and acceptable practice in one country can still be considered a bribe in another, even when a reward or 'tip' is expected, and even if everyone does it.

It's been over ten years since the UK Bribery Act came into force mandating all organisations to train their staff as part of their adequate procedures to prevent bribery. With over 100 convictions in the last ten years, bribery training has never been more important.

Anti-bribery and Corruption Compliance Training FAQs

Is anti-bribery training required?

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the US and the UK Bribery Act are two important anti-bribery laws that seek to prevent corruption globally. The Bribery Act requires organisations to train staff as part of their adequate procedures. Though anti-bribery training might not be required by law in every jurisdiction, the broad scope and far reach of the UK Bribery Act, the FCPA and other anti-bribery acts mean that it is prudent for organisations of all sizes that do business overseas or have foreign partners to offer anti-bribery training to their employees and anyone in the company that could be affected by bribery.

Who needs anti-bribery training?

All types of users in an organisation, from rookies to veterans, should receive anti-bribery and corruption training. Training should be tailored to be relevant for the specific user, so that each user will only take the training relevant to their industry, position and jurisdiction.

How often should anti-bribery training be done?

All organisations should offer annual bribery training as part of their adequate procedures.

How do you know your anti-bribery compliance training is working?

The legal, ethical and reputational risk of bribery is real. Billions in fines are levied every year and frequent reports of investigations and prosecutions from regulating authorities across the world hit the headlines. With a successful anti-bribery training program, your organisation will hopefully stay far away from any entanglement in any such investigations, fines or prosecutions.