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Workplace Safety Training

Keep everyone on board with health and safety training

IOSH-approved and RoSPA-certified workplace health and safety training

Despite the legal requirement, health and safety training has a bad reputation. Due to training being branded boring by employees, it has been seen primarily as a tick-box exercise rather than an important step in making the workplace safer. Our courses deliver short, interactive health and safety training units that are customised to the specific office the user works in. Courses are RoSPA Assured, IOSH Approved and CPD Certified and fit flexibly around the needs of your business.

With our in-browser editing tool, you can now tailor any of the courses in real-time. Edits are clearly visible as you make them and results can easily be shared with your colleagues via a unique link.

Our collection of health and safety courses

Knowledge Checks

What will you learn in our workplace safety training?

  • Ensuring personal safety both in and out of work
  • How to avoid workplace accidents such as slips and trips, electrical safety issues and more
  • Guidance on wearing Personal Protective Equipment
  • Best practice for supporting hybrid working and lone working
  • How to support new and expectant parents

Workplace safety training FAQs

Why is health and safety in the workplace important?

What's in our IOSH and RoSPA training courses?

Understanding IOSH: The international dimension of occupational safety

What prerequisites are required for IOSH and RoSPA courses?

How long does it take to complete IOSH and RoSPA courses?

Are IOSH and RoSPA certifications recognised internationally?

What is the validity period of IOSH and RoSPA certifications?

Can I take IOSH and RoSPA courses simultaneously?

Where can I find the best IOSH and RoSPA training courses?