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Whistleblowing Training

Understand your whistleblowing rights

Create a culture of transparency

Whistleblowing regulations seek to safeguard whistleblowers from reprisals and advance openness in the workplace environment. Our whistleblowing courses educate users on the importance of whistleblowing, helps them recognise situations that may warrant reporting and provides information on the legal protections available. Our training training covers whistleblowing law in the UK, the EU and the United States.

With our in-browser editing tool, you can now tailor any of the courses in real time. Customise the course guidance to match your organisation's distinct protocols, incorporating any necessary site-specific details. Your edits will be clearly highlighted as you make them, and the outcomes can be conveniently shared with your colleagues using a unique link.

Our collection of whistleblowing courses

Knowledge Checks

What does our whistleblowing training cover?

  • The importance and role of whistleblowers in promoting transparency
  • Legal protections and reporting channels
  • Effective documentation and evidence gathering techniques
  • Strategies to handle potential retaliation
  • Analysing real-life whistleblowing cases and sharing best practices
  • Exploring the ethical implications and considerations of whistleblowing
  • Promoting a culture of integrity and ethical decision-making