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GDPR Compliance Training Courses

Online data protection training for your organisation’s staff.

Bringing relevance to your data protection training

GDPR’s reach is global.

Any company that offers goods or services to anyone in the EU is required to comply. Training is one of the key measures a company can take to ensure that staff comply with the regulation. But a one-off generic course is not enough. Training should be relevant and speak to each user's unique role and responsibilities.

Our gamified and interactive GDPR: Privacy at work course features a self-assessment tool that tailors the course to fit the learning needs of each employee in any role within the organisation. There are individually-designed modules for data protection critical areas of any business, including HR, marketing, consent rules, social media, Data Protection Officers responsibilities and the Data Protection Act 2018. In an age of ever growing data and privacy concerns, it’s more important than ever to ensure all staff members have the latest training and understanding of data protection.

Our GDPR compliance courses

Data Protection: A UK Outlook

Explains data protection concepts and requirements relevant to companies doing business in the UK.


Data Protection: A Global Outlook

Explains how data protection laws work around the world and what companies must know to comply.


GDPR: Privacy at Work

Comprehensive course for all staff that provides real-world scenarios, interactive features and review questions to test each users' understanding of key points.


GDPR: A Practical Overview

Refresher training giving an overview of GDPR, aimed at continuous compliance far beyond 25 May 2018.


GDPR: The Basics

Short overview of the key changes to data protection due to the introduction of GDPR.


PECR: Getting to Grips

Combines both video learning and scenario questions to provide a whistle-stop tour of everything one needs to know about PECR compliance.


Data Privacy: Fundamentals

A comprehensive overview of data privacy rules, policy, and legislation in the United States.


GDPR: An American Perspective

This refresher course is available in eight versions to suit any industry. Staff who are more knowledgeable on the topic will complete the course quicker.


GDPR Knowledge Checks

A suite of short GDPR assessments to verify your staff's understanding of GDPR.


Why VinciWorks for Online GDPR Training Courses?

VinciWorks offers several fully customisable courses including modular, in-depth training, refresher courses, a course that explains the basics of GDPR, as well as five minute knowledge checks.

Our suite of GDPR and data protection courses are packed with multiple course versions, realistic scenarios, and every customisation option you can think of.

Our courses combine the latest in policy and law with best practice guidelines, providing real-world scenarios, interactive features, and review questions. Users will learn how to comply with data protection laws for their specific role in the organisation, and then have the chance to review and make sure they know how to apply the information.

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