Gifts & Hospitality Reporting Solution

Record all gifts, charitable donations and corporate hospitality in one central register

How do you track and record all gifts and hospitality?

Bribery can result in severe legal and reputational costs for your organisation. In some jurisdictions, such as the UK, failing to prevent an employee from bribing someone is in itself an offence. It is, however, a defence to demonstrate that the organisation had adequate procedures in place to prevent this kind of conduct.

Businesses that track gifts and hospitality via long PDF and Excel forms can struggle to ensure any necessary further action is taken. Determining whether gifts comply with laws and policies across multiple jurisdictions can also prove complicated for administrators, especially for gifts sent overseas. Shortcomings in your reporting systems can be taken advantage of by those seeking to abuse their position. But they could also lead to oversights and honest mistakes too.

VinciWorks' gifts & hospitality solution

The Omnitrack Gifts and Hospitality Register allows managers to receive instant notifications for all gifts that are given and received. This enables them to make informed decisions on the next steps, such as whether to approve or deny the gift in question.

Core features

  • Customise the form to meet your organisation’s requirements
  • Manage approvals and flag submissions
  • Collect and analyse data
  • Centralised customisable dashboard
  • Built-in guidance and links to policies, training and legislation
  • Track and review changes
  • Securely upload documents to the portal, such as gift receipts or internal policies
  • Delegate specific questions to colleagues and third parties and set reminder emails

Manage your reporting process with four simple steps


Send your staff and third parties the centralised form where relevant.


Get a full view of all collected data via the dashboard.


Flag any questionnaire responses that require further action and decide on next steps.


Keep track of all timelines and whether the necessary steps were taken.

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