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VinciWorks Training Courses

VinciWorks Compliance Training Courses



Anti-Money Laundering

Data Protection UK Course

Conflicts of Interest

FCA Compliance

Fraud & Fair Competition

Modern Slavery

Responsible Business


SRA Compliance

Tax Evasion


Health & Safety

Emergency Response

Environmental Sustainability

Fire Safety

Food Safety

Hazardous Substances

Health & Safety for Dutyholders


Sitting, Posture & Lifting

Specialist Environment

Vehicle, Plant and Equipment Safety Training

Workplace Safety

Performance & Leadership


Customer Support / Customer Service

Difficult & Sensitive Conversations

Disciplinary & Grievance

Healthy Living

Maximising Performance

Mental Health

Personal Effectiveness



Information Security & Data Protection

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security


Global Data Protection Best Practice

Information Security


US Data Privacy

Diversity & Inclusion

Bias Awareness

Diversity Awareness

Problematic Behaviour

Promoting Resepct & Inclusion

Sexual Harassment

UK Equality Legislation

Benefits of Compliance Learning

We are passionate about behavioural change. We believe that e-learning has the potential to surpass the classroom experience by delivering targeted, personalised content that feels relevant to every user.

VinciWorks is leading the way with training that is more customisable than ever and specifically tailored to each user.

We offer a broad library of compliance training and a compliance learning management system to effectively track and follow-up on training compliance, with over 200 interactive, customisable compliance courses available.

Our ever expanding course library follows the latest, most pressing topics, such as ESG, climate change, and sanctions training, and we offer training on a wide variety of topics in both the regulated and non-regulated sectors.

We have earned a reputation for our expert-level knowledge and our impeccable, prompt and helpful customer support. Additionally, all of our courses can be integrated with our tracking and reporting tool, Omnitrack, to track responses and manage data collection from one central portal, as well as send out surveys, aggregate data, flag high-risk submissions, automate reminder emails, download reports, and more.

Why Use Online Compliance Training Courses?

Compliance training experienced by most employees today is considered boring, old-fashioned and irrelevant. Because training is more than a one-off tick-box exercise, all our courses are fully interactive, relevant to specific roles in your organisation and 100% customisable (yes, feel free to change every word!). Our training covers mental health, GDPR, DAC6 and much, much more.

Why VinciWorks for eLearning ComplianceTraining?

Started in the legal sector and expanded from there, VinciWorks used the expertise garnered in the legal sector to deliver the same quality of training to corporations in every sector. By further developing our customisation capabilities, increasing interactivity and introducing course builders to our training, we have been able to serve every type of organisation in any jurisdiction, on any compliance topic.

FAQ's About Online Compliance Training Courses

What is compliance training for employees?

Compliance training for employees is the process of training employees to ensure they understand all of the relevant laws, regulations and internal policies that must be followed in their industry and job, and how to follow them. The word compliance refers to any and all regulations that employers and employees must follow when they are at work or performing work-related tasks. Some compliance training topics are mandated by local legislation and some are required for adherence with internal policy.

Why is compliance training important?

Compliance is something that basically any employee will concounter in their day-to-day role at work, whether in regulated areas such as health and safety, data protection, and financial matters, or in areas related to ethics and behaviour. Whether yours is a regulated or non-regulated sector, compliance training is often mandatory as it protects an organisation’s values and policies as well as a commitment to the law in some cases. The consequences of non-compliance can be devastating for organisations as well as individuals, ranging from reputational damage to fines to prison time, in some cases.

Who should undergo compliance training?

For compliance training to work well across an organisation, all employees should be trained in the areas relevant to them. Employees who undergo training get the information they need to perform their jobs efficiently, follow local laws and regulations, as well as internal policies.

How can I improve my compliance knowledge?

We have hundreds of high-quality free resources including webinars, policy templates, best practice guides, practical resources and checklists. These resources will help all your staff comply with the latest regulations in a wide variety of compliance areas, both regulated and non, including anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, cyber security, ESG, diversity, and much more. Our most downloaded guides include our ESG policy template, GDPR data protection policy template, anti-money laundering policy template, modern slavery policy template, and more.

How do you improve employee compliance?

Training is one of the key measures a company can take to help their staff understand and follow their organisation’s internal procedures and external regulations. In addition to initial training of new staff, it’s important to also do regular refresher training and periodic short assessments such as knowledge checks in order to make sure employees’ knowledge is kept up to date.

With regard to training itself, it’s crucial that training is relevant and speaks to each user’s unique role and responsibilities. This is the best way to ensure that employees will remember what they’ve learned and know how to apply it in relevant situations.