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Difficult and Sensitive Conversations Training

Mastering tough conversations

Become a more effective manager with our
video-based courses

Navigating difficult and sensitive conversations effectively fosters a positive environment, trust, and respectful resolution. Our video-based difficult and sensitive conversations courses equip employees with crucial skills, including active listening, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and constructive feedback. Providing these tools promotes open communication, reduces misunderstandings, and cultivates a culture of respect and understanding within the organisation.

With our in-browser editing tool, customise our courses in real-time, tailoring it to your organisation's work conditions and safety protocols. Once personalised, easily share the results with colleagues using a unique link.

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Knowledge Checks

What does our difficult and sensitive conversations series cover?

  • Active listening techniques to understand emotions and concerns
  • Strategies for delivering constructive feedback and criticism
  • De-escalation techniques for managing emotions during conflicts
  • Setting boundaries and maintaining professionalism in tough conversations
  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness when addressing sensitive topics
  • Resolving conflicts and finding win-win solutions
  • Practising self-awareness and emotional intelligence during sensitive discussions