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Emergency Response Training

Planning for the unexpected

Prepare your staff for any emergency

Emergency response training ensures staff safety in the workplace. Prepare for unexpected emergencies with our comprehensive series on a variety of relevant emergency response topics. Engage your team with interactive challenges and in-depth training, including captivating videos.

Our in-browser editing tool allows real-time customisation of courses. Tailor content to your internal procedures, incorporating rally points/safe zones and vital business continuity information for emergencies. Edits are visible as you make them, and results can be easily shared using a unique link, fostering collaboration among colleagues.

Emergency Response Courses

Our collection of emergency response courses

Knowledge Checks

What does our emergency response training cover?

  • The importance of emergency preparedness
  • What to do in the event of a medical emergency
  • Evacuation procedures during fires and other emergencies
  • Guidance for dealing with pandemics
  • Simulation challenges for Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, Explosion and Civil Unrest scenarios