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Workplace Mental Health Training

Creating balance, nurturing minds

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Mental health in the workplace is crucial for overall employee well-being. Prioritising mental health initiatives fosters a supportive environment, boosting productivity and morale while reducing absenteeism. Our collection of mental health courses raises awareness and equips employees with essential tools. Investing effective mental health training demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and cultivates an inclusive work culture.

Customise our mental health training course in real time with our in-browser editing tool. Tailor the guidance to your organisation's protocols and workplace environment, and share your own personalised link with colleagues.

Mental Health Training

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What do our mental health courses cover?

  • Recognising signs of mental distress in colleagues or employees
  • The impact of stress and mental health on work performance
  • A healthy work-life balance and stress management techniques
  • Strategies for creating a supportive and inclusive work environment
  • Legal and compliance obligations related to mental health in the workplace
  • Reducing stigma surrounding mental health and fostering open conversations
  • Building resilience and coping mechanisms for dealing with workplace challenges