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How long are you spending carrying out supplier due diligence?

New suppliers carry with them a unique set of challenges and risks. Increased suppliers mean more people with access to your employees, premises, systems and data. Managing this process requires diligence and efficiency. Risks of not putting in place a compliant system include both financial and reputational damage, something all organisations want to avoid.

Omnitrack is an online portal that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Omnitrack provides a streamlined solution for supplier onboarding. Onboarding questions are tailor-made to fit all types of suppliers. The automated system generates reminder emails to ensure completion, saving you from chasing suppliers. Internal review can take place by different admins allowing real-time collaboration from different internal parties.

Supplier Onboarding Compliance Tool Key features

Supplier Tracking screenshots
  • Our central database allows you to track and record all supplier information in one place, avoiding lost or missing data
  • Use one dynamic form that adapts the question set depending on the profile of the supplier and the responses submitted
  • Easily understand the data and identify risks via a graphical dashboard
  • Complex compliance requirements are hard to get right. We offer best practice workflows developed with leading law firms to ensure full compliance with regulatory needs.
  • Automated flagging and sorting surfaces high-risk submissions and escalates via email where needed, allowing multiple stakeholders to review data
  • API functionality allows you to integrate data with external data sources

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Our hosting and security, implementation and support and APIs and integrations are unparalleled in the industry.

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