How long are you spending carrying out supplier due diligence?

When recruiting new suppliers, you should ensure that all prospective suppliers comply with laws, regulations and standards required by your organisation. Depending on the services they provide, different suppliers require varying levels of supplier due diligence. Without a centralised system, this process can be extremely complicated and time consuming.

VinciWorks' solution streamlines the supplier onboarding process. With Omnitrack, businesses can save time managing new suppliers and instead build stronger buyer-vendor relationships. Automating paper-based processes increases efficiency and reduces human error. Use our solution to collect information on your potential suppliers' ESG initiatives, information security safeguards, data protection policies and any other information you require.

Supplier Onboarding Compliance Tool Key features

Supplier Tracking screenshots
  • Modernise your operation with an intuitive and slick online system
  • Store all supplier information in one central database
  • Use one dynamic form that adapts the question set depending on the profile of the supplier and the responses submitted
  • Easily understand the data and identify risks via a graphical dashboard
  • Reports can be instantly generated in Word, PDF or Excel to share with colleagues or senior managers
  • Automate reminder emails to ensure prompt completion of surveys
  • API functionality allows you to integrate data with external data sources

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