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SRA Standards and Regulations
training for your entire firm

The focus of the SRA Standards and Regulations, which replaced the SRA Handbook on 25 November 2019, is on each legal professional being able to justify their actions in all work that they carry out. The previous handbook was long and confusing; the new SRA Standards and Regulations are much more concise and no longer stipulate indicative behaviours.

VinciWorks' SRA training suite will help legal professionals, including support staff, to develop an understanding of the relevant regulations which apply to their specific role in the law firm.

Our SRA Courses

Ethics for law firms

Provides the tools for how to deconstruct ethical dilemmas and make a considered decision

A Practical Overview

Case-study led training that focuses on the key aspects of each SRA Principle and Accounts Rule


Helps staff develop an understanding of the relevant regulations that apply to their specific role in the law firm

What's Changed?

A brief overview highlighting the key changes of the SRA's new regime

SRA Advanced: Managing Clients and Matters

Covers the checks and processes you should carry out when managing clients and matters if you work in an SRA regulated firm

SRA Advanced: Accounts Rules

Apply the SRA Accounts Rules to real-life scenarios

SRA Advanced: Compliance at Your Firm

Ensure compliance officers, managers and partners understand their responsibilities set out by the SRA

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