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Sustainability and ESG Training

Empower your team to drive change

Preventing further climate change is everyone’s responsibility. With governments across the world aiming to meet net-zero targets, how will your organisation improve environmental awareness and sustainability?

Sustainability and ESG training for companies: Get your employees trained

A core part of any sustainability initiative is employee training. Training all staff transforms sustainability from an isolated activity undertaken by a small group of staff into a process that is deeply embedded into an organisation’s culture. Further, ESG rating agencies and reporting frameworks use training as a measure of ESG effectiveness.

By providing your team with comprehensive sustainability training, you empower them to become change agents within your organisation. Our courses go beyond mere theoretical knowledge. From understanding the principles of sustainable development to integrating sustainability into daily operations, they delve into practical strategies and actionable insights that can be implemented across departments and levels.

Our suite of environmental sustainability courses

ESG: The Basics

A short introduction to what ESG is, why it's important and the core concepts around ESG.


ESG: Fundamentals

An in-depth awareness course that delves into the personal role each employee plays in your company's ESG initiatives.


Climate Change

A course providing a working knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of climate change.


ESG: Practical applications

This course breaks down the three elements of ESG by providing a comprehensive 'best practice' understanding for a collection of topics which fall under each category.


What is Sustainability?

Explores business sustainability practices and their global impact.



Minimize fuel consumption and environmental impact through efficient driving techniques.


Saving Energy and Water

Reduce consumption and costs by improving energy and water efficiency.



Examines types of pollution and their impact on ecosystems, health, and climate.


Working Towards Zero Waste

Learn practical strategies to reduce waste and promote a zero-waste lifestyle.


Non-Recyclable Waste

Gain clarity on recycling practices to avoid common mistakes and promote effective recycling.


Supply Chain Due Diligence

Assess and manage compliance risks in the supply chain for sustainable business practices.


Business Sustainability Management

Learn about the importance of business sustainability practices and their impact.


Sustainable Travel

Discover eco-friendly modes of travel and promote sustainable commuting.


Why VinciWorks for sustainability training?

We offer the Environmental Awareness courses in both 30 and 60 minute detailed studies, catering for both the UK and global markets. The courses are designed to help everyone understand these environmental challenges. Because only when we understand the true magnitude of the problem can we start to make more impactful changes to achieve a better, healthier life for all living species.

The Environmental Awareness training courses take employees on a journey to learn the effects of greenhouse gases on the Ozone layer to the negative side effects of global warming on humans, animals and nature. This course also focuses on environmental concerns our Earth is facing using the most up-to-date information and statistics from NASA, WWF, EPA, National Geographic, and the IPCC. This Environmental Awareness course can be customised to meet your needs, enabling your workforce to understand the specific policies and procedures developed for your organisation. A designated course administrator can edit the text and images within the course, and link to organisation-specific documentation, all at no extra cost.

What will you learn in our ESG and sustainability training?

  • Why sustainable business travel is important for businesses
  • Choosing the most eco-friendly way to commute to work
  • How to promote sustainable practices at work and at home
  • The importance of preventing and reducing waste
  • How to work towards a zero-waste lifestyle
  • How to use energy and water more efficiently

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