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SRA Consultancy Services

Bringing you the highest level of SRA compliance expertise

Why Compliance Office?

Founded by self-professed SRA geek Andy Donovan, Compliance Office delivers what you need quickly with the highest level of expertise. Their team of compliance consultants are either former lawyers or SRA staff with years of experience in their fields. With a vast library of risk and compliance resources on hand to save you time and money, Compliance Office will work with you to tailor their solutions to the precise needs of your firm.

Compliance Office’s level of care and customer service is unrivaled, with almost half of Compliance Office’s customers coming from referrals and a 100% renewal after minimum term.

What does Compliance Office offer?

Independent anti-money laundering audits

Compliance Office has the expertise needed to help you conduct an independent AML audit. Their team keeps their pulse on the latest AML requirements and your audit will often be administered by former SRA staff.

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SRA compliance health checks

With years of expertise in SRA conduct, money laundering and accounts rules, as well as access to a comprehensive suite of templates and training solutions, Compliance Office’s SRA consultants can assess weaknesses and solve problems with speed and efficiency.

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Outsourced COLP support

You can rest assured that you’re up to date and ready for an SRA visit with Compliance Office's team of experts on the job. Their experts perform a gap analysis, remedy any problems and implement up-to-date procedures. Once that’s done, Compliance Office provides ongoing support.

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ABS and new law firm applications

Compliance Office helps you determine your structure, get your professional indemnity insurance quote, draft your application, submit the application and prepare for launch. Compliance Office has a 100% success rate for SRA applications!

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In-house SRA training

Training at your offices by experts on solicitor ethics, SRA Code of Conduct, Money Laundering, Accounts Rules and more.

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Why Hire an SRA Consultant?

It’s a full-time job keeping up with all the most recent SRA regulations. It’s essential to have someone who lives and breathes SRA compliance in your corner. VinciWorks’ partner, Compliance Office, brings you the highest SRA expertise, giving you the peace of mind that you’re up to date and will be able to respond well to an SRA visit. Our SRA consultancy services are complemented by our SRA and AML compliance software and our related training, allowing us to offer our clients an end-to-end compliance solution.