Are you collecting and managing data efficiently?

Many organisations are still using email or PDF to capture data on diversity, data protection, gifts and hospitality, cross-border reporting (DAC6) and more. The collection of this data is often required by law and can be a cumbersome task. Traditional data collection methods make it difficult to understand the data and required next steps, with information not easily accessible when requested by regulatory authorities.

Manage all your reporting requirements from a centralised system

Omnitrack allows businesses to manage the entire data collection process from one centralised portal. Whether you build forms from scratch, select a form from our template library or purchase a single use case, Omnitrack allows you to:

  • Send out surveys
  • Aggregate data
  • Flag high-risk submissions
  • Automate reminder emails
  • Download reports

Omnitrack use cases

  • AML onboarding portal

    AML Client Onboarding

    Can be used to streamline both the risk assessment and document collection aspects of client onboarding.

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  • Annual declarations portal

    Annual Declarations

    Potential compliance issues are automatically flagged, allowing compliance and risk teams to rapidly assess the risk.

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  • Internal and External Complaints Registers


    Easily manage complaints and automatically update staff when necessary.

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  • COVID-19


    Track who is visiting the office and ensure all visitors are following government and best-practice guidelines.

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  • DAC6 reporting register


    A secure, enterprise-wide data management tool for recording cross-border tax arrangements that may need to be reported under DAC6.

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  • Diversity Questionnaire

    Diversity Questionnaire

    Many employers feel that they are lacking the tools to effectively promote a culture where all staff feel welcome and cared for.

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  • GDPR register


    Create, track and automate the GDPR compliance process in one place.

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  • Gifts and hospitality register

    Gifts & Hospitality

    Record all gifts, charitable donations and corporate hospitality on one central register.

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  • Health and Safety Reporting

    OHS Risk Assessments

    Employers are required by law to perform a risk assessment of the hazards relevant to their workplace.

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  • Health and Safety Reporting

    HSE Incidents

    A simple and efficient system used to record incidents and near misses as they happen.

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  • Incidents and Breaches Registers

    Incidents & Breaches

    Allows firms to track all incidents, breaches, losses and complaints as required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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  • MDR reporting portal

    Mandatory Disclosure Rules

    Uses a built-in knowledge engine to guide users through the MDR process in EU any country.

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  • Modern Slavery Act Reporting

    MSA Australia

    Collect all necessary data from suppliers, easily flag high-risk countries and take any action required to reduce the risk of slavery in the supply chain.

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  • Posted Workers Directive Icon

    Posted Workers Directive

    A centralised solution to help businesses keep track of all their posted workers and ensure compliance with PWD.

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  • SRA reporting

    SRA Reports

    Can be used by all law firms to manage breaches, record undertakings, carry out questionnaires and more.

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  • Supplier tracking questionnaire

    Supplier Tracking

    Allows businesses to collect data simply, efficiently and securely into one centralised location.

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  • Whistleblowing portal


    Captures all complaints and issues in one secure framework to mitigate organisational risk in real time.

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Why Omnitrack?

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Everything in one place

Using word documents, PDF or spreadsheets to send out surveys can lead to lost and conflicting data. Manage forms and review responses from a centralised platform.

Customisation icon

100% customisable

Our template library is based on regulatory best practice but you can easily edit all forms and add links to internal guidance.

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Form logic

Use one customisable form that adapts depending on responses to the questions so that users don't need to read through a long form with irrelevant information.

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Ensure the data you collect helps your business in real time with a fully customisable dashboard. Either use our best-practice dashboard or build your own.

Flag icon


Automate reminder emails, flagging of high-risk submissions and assignment of tasks.

Reports icon

Generate reports

Create and download graphical reports in seconds that can easily be sent to board members or regulating authorities.