Many organisations use email or spreadsheets to track information. These approaches lack structure and security. Collecting information over email invariably leads to inconsistent responses, missing information and lack of structure. Spreadsheets are limited by their two-dimensional nature, lack of automation tools and lack of security. Omnitrack is a reporting and tracking tool that helps businesses shape their culture to encourage all employees to engage in the risk management process. It allows anyone to identify a risk, with high priority issues escalated to the risk management team.

Omnitrack can either be implemented to manage a primary compliance discipline or can be scaled up to cover all your business' compliance and reporting needs.

Our reporting registers

  • Whistleblowing portal


    Our whistleblowing portal captures all complaints and issues in one secure framework to mitigate organisational risk in real time.

  • Annual declarations portal

    Annual declarations

    Allows employees to easily complete their annual declarations. Potential compliance issues are automatically flagged, allowing compliance and risk teams to rapidly assess the risk.

  • Annual declarations portal

    Supplier tracking

    Send out automated supplier questionnaires and easily flag problematic suppliers.

  • DAC6 reporting register

    DAC6 reporting

    A secure, enterprise-wide data management tool for recording cross-border tax arrangements that may need to be reported under DAC6.

  • GDPR register

    Diversity questionnaire

    Many employers feel that they are lacking the tools to effectively promote a culture where all staff feel welcome and cared for.

  • GDPR register

    Cyber security and GDPR

    Breaches occur a long time before affected users are notified. Our register allows staff to immediately and efficiently report a breach.

  • Gifts and hospitality register

    Gifts and hospitality register

    Instantly notifies managers of all gifts that are given to staff to mitigate the risk of bribery.