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Cyber Security

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Protect your organisation from the next attack

Human error remains the most likely cause of cyber breaches, with phishing emails the no. 1 tactic used by attackers. In more sophisticated attacks, such as spear phishing attacks, emails will target individuals or organisations, being more personalised to include the victim or company’s name. The results of such an attack can be devastating, often resulting in sensitive information being compromised and financial repercussions.

Cyber security course options

Our cyber security training suite prepares users for all cyber risks. This includes the risk of phishing, ransomware, password protection and more. All of these risks and more are covered in our 20 minute course, Cyber Security: Practical Applications, while shorter courses give users the chance to test their ability to withstand specific threats.

Course version What does this course cover? Length
Cyber Security: Practical Applications All core cyber security threats and how to protect against them 20 minutes
Ransomware Guidance on what to do in the event of a ransomware attack, with visual examples of how they happen 5 minutes
Phishing Challenges Tests staff's ability to identify red flags in suspicious emails 5 minutes
Knowledge Check Test users' knowledge of secure password best practice, protocol following cyber attacks and more 5 minutes
Information Security These courses cover the issues and risks relating to information security in today’s interconnected business environment 30 minutes to an hour


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