Reporting Tool

Secure DAC6 reporting solution

An enterprise-wide data management portal for recording all cross-border tax transactions that may require reporting according to DAC6

DAC6 requirement to report transactions

Under DAC6, special entities, known as intermediaries, must log certain cross-border transactions which may have a tax implication and where necessary report these to local tax authorities. They should therefore start registering and keeping track of all cross-border transactions. VinciWorks' DAC6 reporting solution allows intermediaries to record all cross-border transactions while guiding them on which transactions require reporting. It is recommended that intermediaries complete DAC6 training to gain a clear understanding of their reporting obligations under DAC6.

Key features

  • Record all cross-border tax transactions that may require reporting
  • Fully intergated with Intapp API to provide an end-to-end solution.
  • Links to DAC6 training to review specific hallmarks and reporting requirements
  • Integrated flowchart to identify whether a specific transaction requires reporting
  • Customisable ready-to-go form template library

All intermediary reports in one register

Using the DAC6 dashboard, reports can easily be made and stored in a register that can be accesses by administrators. They can then be exported to Excel and individual reports can be downloaded as a PDF to make managing the register even easier. Administrators can generate reports on graphs and charts in seconds to easily analyse the data.


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