AML client onboarding compliance solution

Conduct risk assessments, collect and verify client due diligence in one central platform

How much time are you spending on your CDD processes?

Depending on your jurisdiction and the nature of your business, you may be required to undertake client due diligence (CDD) before onboarding a new client. Many law firms, accountancy firms and financial corporations are still conducting client due diligence via lengthy Word, PDF and Excel forms. Entries are then stored in spreadsheets, making it difficult to keep track of risk assessments conducted and information collected from clients and ensure any red flags are either resolved or escalated.

VinciWorks’ AML client onboarding solution assists with undertaking CDD. It can be used to streamline both the risk assessment and document collection aspects of client onboarding.

AML client onboarding solution — Core features

  • 100% customisable — admins can edit questions and tweak the risk assessment process
  • Easily verify documents — identification documents can be uploaded via the questionnaire and verified by the risk and compliance team
  • Choice of direct client access or internal-only use
  • Conditional logic — the form adapts as it is completed, so relevant questions are asked based on the identified risk level
  • Includes built-in workflows for different jurisdictions
  • Securely share CDD analysis and information between offices for complex matters
  • Conduct and record regular checks to comply with 'ongoing monitoring' requirements
  • Access all client information and documents from one centralised portal

Manage your client onboarding process in four simple steps


Complete client and transactional risk assessment to define risk level


Collect and securely store appropriate CDD documentation


Review, verify and sign off on CDD analysis and identification


Keep track of whether all necessary steps were taken

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