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AML client onboarding solution

One central platform to complete client risk assessments, due diligence and ongoing monitoring

Upgrade your client onboarding process

Law firms, accountancy firms and financial corporations are required to conduct risk assessments, client due diligence (CDD) and ongoing monitoring on their clients. The precise processes for CDD and risk assessments are often complex and vary greatly, depending on industry and jurisdiction. Organisations using static forms to onboard clients can often struggle to implement systems which adequately incorporate all the interconnected requirements of these two vital AML components.

Omnitrack's AML solution enhances both the risk assessment and document collection aspects of client onboarding. Our template workflows adapt to the specific risks posed by each client, based on factors such as jurisdiction, type of entity and industry. This allows you to make informed choices about each client using the risk-based approach. Our comprehensive workflows incorporate industry-specific guidance such as JMLSG for FCA-regulated firms and LSAG for law firms. The flexibility of Omnitrack lets you choose the default workflow most appropriate to your business. The workflow can be customised to suit your own areas of practice and risk scoring system. Our team will guide you through every step of the process.

AML client onboarding solution — Why Omnitrack?

  • Unpack regulatory guidance — Prebuilt workflows ensure best practice for a range of regulated and non-regulated industries
  • Determine correct CDD — Requirements adapt dynamically according to each client
  • Save time — Automations and intuitive workflows help save staff and clients time
  • Risk-based approach — Baked into the workflow, determining risk levels across a range of factors
  • Ongoing monitoring — Automated reminder emails to review high, medium & low risk clients
  • All documents in one place — No more losing important supporting documents
  • Keep regulators happy — Our built-in audit trails and compliance timelines tell the full story

The four steps to client onboarding


Enter all client details or extract relevant information via API.


Conditional logic ensures questions vary based on factors such as client entity, jurisdiction of incorporation and industry.

Risk assessments

To assign a risk level to each client, users are alerted to any flags and are guided by industry-specific guidance.

Admin review

Admins can approve or deny new clients, send requests for more information, and undertake periodic reviews.



Our hosting and security, implementation and support and APIs and integrations are unparalleled in the industry.

What our clients say

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