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Build your own centralised compliance platform

How are you managing forms, data and reports?

Building Google forms, scouring multiple spreadsheets of data and sending email upon email reminder to staff (once you have figured out who still needs to complete the form) is a tiring, cumbersome process. With Omnitrack, you can build out the entire process yourself—build the form, set up automated reminder emails, build a dashboard and start collecting. It’s really that simple!

Our clients build their own forms for HR purposes, health and safety assessments and much more.

How to get started

Build your form

Start by entering the questions you want to appear in the form. You can easily rearrange questions and add conditional logic as you go along.

Build your dashboard

Use counter widgets, charts, graphs and more to get a holistic view of all the data that has been collected.

Set up notifications and reminders

Schedule automated reminder emails in seconds, then set up any notifications you would like to receive, such as for flagged items, a change in submission, missing data and more.

Still don't have time? We'll do it for you

We understand if you’re too busy to build out your own workflow and dashboard. Speak to us and our team can work with you to either build it for you or help you choose from over 100 pre-built templates.


Why Omnitrack?

Everything in one place

No need to use word documents, PDFs or spreadsheets to register new processes. Store everything in a central database that is ready should you need to show reports to the authorities


Tailor your dashboard to provide the data and analytics that are useful to your organisation

100% customisable

Our form is based on regulatory best practice, but you can easily edit the questions and add links to internal guidance

Comprehensive flagging

Save the headache of searching through submissions for red flags

One form

Use one form that adapts depending on responses to the questions

Generate reports

Download graphical reports in seconds

Our hosting and security, implementation and support and APIs and integrations are unparalleled in the industry.

What our clients say

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