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Disciplinary and Grievance Training

Navigating towards workplace harmony

Learn to manage difficult situations at work

Effective disciplinary and grievance procedures in the workplace are essential for maintaining a fair and productive environment. Our disciplinary and grievance courses provide employees and managers with a clear understanding of the policies and processes involved in handling disciplinary actions and addressing grievances. The training equips individuals with the necessary skills to conduct unbiased investigations, ensure due process, and promote a harmonious work culture that values transparency and accountability.

With our in-browser editing tool, you have the power to customise any of our performance training courses in real-time to align with your organisation's specific policies and procedures for handling disciplinary matters and addressing grievances effectively.

Disciplinary and Grievance Training

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What does our displinary and grievance course collection cover?

  • Company policies and procedures for disciplinary actions and grievance handling
  • Communication techniques for conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Conducting unbiased investigations and ensuring due process
  • Promoting a harmonious work culture that values transparency and accountability
  • Reducing potential legal risks associated with disciplinary and grievance situations
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement through fair and respectful practices