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Human Resources Management Solution

A centralised solution to empower human resources teams and save time

Streamline your HR processes

A company’s HR staff are often the first to tackle critical tasks, such as processing job applications, onboarding new staff or documenting absences. While they are often under pressure to act swiftly and efficiently, they must be careful to avoid errors, especially when dealing with employee data or sensitive personal issues.

This balancing act - between speed and accuracy - can be challenging. It is therefore important for HR staff to receive assistance in any way that can enhance efficiency, such as avoiding data duplication for repeat processes. It is crucial that precision is applied when dealing with the key HR challenges:

Collected data is often fragmented, resulting in incomplete or inaccurate information. This can cause problems such as top candidates’ job applications being overlooked.

Monitoring and updating information is difficult when collected via static forms. An annual leave request can be approved, but there should be automatic reminders in place once employees are on leave.

Spotting trends is tricky if HR doesn’t have consistent processes in place. This makes it hard to provide insights on information collected, such as the number of employees whose annual reviews lead to the identification of training gaps.

Historic records should be easy to retrieve when needed. HR may have a robust record of the status quo, but there should also be an in-built audit trail for updated employee data.

VinciWork’s solution allows HR staff to gather vital data and supporting documents in a centralised system. Automation tools allow you to set reminders for reviews and follow-up tasks and automatic flagging helps you spot problems as they arise. The template forms, dashboards and reminders are fully customisable.

Our system is so easy to use, you can implement it without the need for an IT department.

The HR Compliance Suite

A powerful, yet flexible tool to improve the speed and accuracy of a range of HR tasks, from candidate application forms to annual leave requests

Candidate applications

Capture applicant information using one of two templates: a simplified form to upload a CV, or an extended version requiring academic & employment history and asking competency-based questions

Why Omnitrack?

Record notes, assess applications, choose whether to proceed to interviews and assign management tasks. Aided by custom statuses, admins can easily track applications from start to finish.

Employee onboarding

Collect important data on all new starters by sending a link to input their details such as contact information and payroll & pension information.

Why Omnitrack?

Customisation: Add or amend questions, and include links to policies or induction guides for employees to read prior to onboarding.


Encourage employees to evaluate their performance against company values and goals. The form’s structure guides in-person meetings, and can be used to record areas for improvement.

Why Omnitrack?

Multiple users: during self-assessments, employees or managers can seek supplementary peer reviews by adding additional users. This builds performance reviews based on the input of a range of people.

Annual leave requests

Whether medical or annual leave, paid or unpaid, ensure HR staff are both equipped to assess requests fairly and efficiently, and are always aware of current absences.

Why Omnitrack?

Automatic reminder emails: HR staff receive reminders notifying them when a team member is on leave, and managers are automatically notified as to whether requests are approved.

Exit questionnaire

Staff can complete an anonymous form or identify and follow-up with in-person interviews.

Why Omnitrack?

Gives an overview of all submissions, helping you spot trends across the organisation as to why employees leave. This can, in turn, be used to help increase retention rates.

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