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VinciWorks Astute LMS.

Supercharge your learning experiences with personalised content and smart recommendations.

Brought to you by Astute, the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) from VinciWorks.

Now available – MyAstute for learning on the move!


Targeted learning

Identify and prioritise each learner's needs and continued career development.

Enhanced user experience

User-friendly design and intelligent recommendations make it easy to learn as you go.

Identify and close skills gaps

Automatically collect and interpret data about your learners to help promote future learning opportunities.

Data driven design

Track learning with xAPI and address gaps in knowledge that hold your organisation back or put it at risk.

Performance Features


Astute LXP uses xAPI to aggregate data and AI to promote personalised learning content.


Astute creates a robust audit-trail for L&D managers, compliance managers and auditors, making it easy to measure results and track employee progress.


Get up and running quickly with our secure cloud-based platform which allows learners access to eLearning content anytime, anywhere over the internet. Since we host Astute, there’s no need to devote time or resources to installation and set-up – it’s ready when you are.


Astute streamlines many manual processes such as course enrolments, chase / trigger emails, and automated reporting through its advanced automation features. Take the administrative burden out of your training activities.


Need Astute in multiple languages? No problem. We deliver multilingual programmes for many global organisations, and currently support more than 30 languages.

Identify, mitigate, and manage risks using Astute’s risk assessment library. It’s also easy to customise assessments, create your own from scratch, and attach an existing risk assessment to individual eLearning courses for users to fill-in upon completion.

Filter by course publisher to quickly find and allocate appropriate courses to the right learners.

Programs make it easy to set up dependency-based rules to manage when learners have access to certain learning content.

Positively reinforce your compliance culture and highlight learning messages using Astute’s suite of offline communication resources.

Create bespoke surveys and quizzes about any topic you like! Features different question types, a reporting element, and the option to anonymise participants.

Save time by predefining rules against training events to automatically add all learners who meet the preferences.

Customise and pre-set email communications directly from Astute to automatically inform or remind learners about their learning activities, credentials, and results.

Your one stop shop for storing all historical training data, including any external training records, against Astute users.

Personalise your learner homepage by changing its look and feel to suit you.

Assign specific roles and permissions to individual users using Astute’s security groups feature.

Advanced reporting creates a robust audit-trail for organisations, making it easy to measure results and track employee progress. Astute’s advanced reporting feature allows information to be presented in a simple format, offers standard and custom report builders, and can be automated to reduce administration overload.

Send phishing emails to your employees, track and report on who opens and clicks on links in them. Then automatically deploy online training to those employees in need of further phishing awareness training.


MyAstute - Learning on the move

MyAstute from VinciWorks uses xAPI technology to give you a Learning Experience Platform at your fingertips, allowing learners to take courses at a time and place that suits them.

Take your Compliance, Health and Safety, and Performance training on the move, even without an internet connection.

When you’re back online, Astute will quickly and seamlessly sync and record all results.

Enjoy online training with an eLearning experience that is:

  • Responsive: Designed specifically for learning on mobiles and tablets
  • Flexible: Download the courses and take them offline when it suits you
  • State of the Art: Designed to work seamlessly with xAPI technology

Developer Tools

If you are a developer and are looking to find out more about integration with Astute please visit our developer site Astute is a developer friendly platform with a number of integration points including ADFS and active directory synchronisation as alternatives to the API that we provide.

Experience Astute