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How long should the annual declaration process really be taking?

It is the responsibility of each employee, officer and director to make sure that they are aware of and abide by the laws and regulations that apply to them in their respective positions as representatives of an organisation. Traditional methods for collecting annual compliance declaration, such as the use of emails and spreadsheets, pose the following challenges:

  • It's difficult to track which employees have completed their declarations
  • Different roles in an organisation may need to submit different declarations
  • Information is often spread out between several spreadsheets and emails
  • Chasing up staff to complete their declaration is time consuming
  • There is no easy way to gauge who needs to be followed up with
  • There is a higher chance of major compliance errors

Omnitrack allows you to create a customised annual declaration form for all employees in your organisation. Our form adapts to the role, department and location of each employee. Automate reminder emails and flagging of submissions that require further action. All data can be viewed at any time in an interactive dashboard and submissions can be exported in Word, PDF or CSV format.

Annual Compliance Declaration Tool Key features

  • Central database — No need to use countless emails and spreadsheets to collect and store information.
  • Automated flagging — High risk submissions are escalated when further action is required.
  • 100% customisable — Regardless of your industry or location, questions can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Dashboard — The easy to read dashboard can be tailor-made to show you how your team is progressing at any point as well as highlighting any gaps in declaration completion rates.
  • Reminder emails — Generate automatic reminder emails for open submissions to ensure that critical deadlines are never missed.
  • Instantly generated reports — Generate up-to-date reports using the dashboard feature. This helps easily analyse all data submitted and assists with identifying any red flags.

Integrate Omnitrack with VinciWorks’ code of conduct training

Do you have policies that nobody knows about? With VinciWorks’ build-your-own code of conduct course organisations can instantly turn their hefty documents into a free flowing bespoke interactive course. One of the core features of the course is the ability to integrate annual declarations management into each unit of the course. The feature is your chance to get all your polices in front of your staff in an engaging way, while also getting their confirmation that they adhere to each policy.

Integration features

  • Link to the relevant policy at the end of each unit
  • Include short surveys, such as asking whether the user is aware of a breach related to the topic of the unit
  • Ensure each user commits to upholding each relevant policy
  • View responses via the Omnitrack dashboard


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