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Hosting and security

Hosting options

Omnitrack is offered as a cloud-based SaaS solution on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, with your choice of data location. Hosting on premises is also available via VMWare images.

Security by design

VinciWorks is ISO/IEC 27001 certified with full scope of certification covering all development, hosting and customer support activities worldwide.

Our hosting infrastructure is designed with a security-first and privacy-first architecture with multiple layers of network protection. Omnitrack is developed and tested in line with our Secure Development Lifecycle Policy and is penetration tested regularly by third-party security experts.

Straightforward compliance

VinciWorks is committed to making GDPR compliance as straightforward as possible. As a provider of a library of online GDPR compliance training, our in-house knowledge and understanding of the latest data protection and GDPR regulations means we know what�s required to comply.

Further, as a data processor, VinciWorks ensures that data controllers can easily comply with rights requests in relation to all data held in Omnitrack.

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