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Promoting Respect and Inclusion Training

Embrace the power of diversity

Make every employee feel valued

When employees feel comfortable making contributions no matter their background, innovation and creativity can thrive. Our course collection on promoting respect and inclusion helps both individuals and teams foster a positive work environment. From inclusion awareness training and bystander intervention to understanding the power of allyship, our courses help your business create a culture of respect and inclusion where every individual feels valued.

With our in-browser editing tool, you can now tailor any of the courses in real-time to reflect your organisation’s inclusion policies. Edits are clearly visible as you make them and results can easily be shared with your colleagues via a unique link.

Promoting Respect and Inclusion Training

Try our collection of courses on promoting respect and inclusion

Knowledge Checks

What does our promoting respect and inclusion series cover?

  • Allyship and supporting under-represented groups
  • Challenging inappropriate workplace behaviour
  • Promoting a work culture based on respect
  • Recognising discrimination and combating stereotypes
  • Understanding a disabled employee’s perspective in the workplace
  • Effective strategies for bystander intervention