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APIs and Integrations

Connect your systems, automate your tasks

Omnitrack is a centralised reporting and tracking tool that helps organisations streamline complex risk and compliance processes.

Use Omnitrack’s advanced REST API to integrate Omnitrack into your existing workflows and systems.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

When using a new tool, it can often be frustrating to extract data from other systems or keep the data in sync. The Omnitrack API makes it easy to pull data in from other systems and send it back for safekeeping.

Automate workflows

You can use the API to enforce approval processes, run business rules and create automated workflows that save hours of admin time.

Ensure accuracy

APIs can be used to ensure the integrity of data being entered and to reduce administrative time amending errors.

Integrate with third-party systems

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Omnitrack comes with a growing list of pre-built integrations. This includes a number of integrations with EU tax authorities for compliance with DAC6.

What can the API do?


Sync your user list with an HR system

Get list of active users

Bulk upload users


Create submissions

Update submissions

Get submissions

Workflow Automation

Assign submission to users

Change status of submission

Share submission

Intuitive REST API

The Omnitrack API is based on REST principles, it provides programmatic access to all of your data in the system. The endpoints are predictable and intuitive. This makes it easy and fast to create integrations with ERP systems, HR systems and any other data-driven software in use.

API Support

All Omnitrack actions are available via the API with clear documentation and excellent API support. Our support team is available to troubleshoot issues and will work with you to build the integrations you need.

Single sign on

In addition to the REST API, Omnitrack offers single sign-on via SAML to enable organisations to streamline the user provisioning and authentication process.

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