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Online Compliance Training for Higher and Further Education

50 interactive courses for staff and students

Empower staff and students to stay safe and compliant

VinciWorks is proud to offer a one-stop-shop safety and compliance training package for higher and further education institutions. The package includes over 50 courses most commonly used and requested by other educational institutions so you can meet the training requirements of all your staff and students. The VinciWorks Education Package provides training in five comprehensive suites - compliance, information security, health & safety, diversity & inclusion and performance & leadership.

Why VinciWorks?

  • Intuitive real-time editing
  • Suitable for staff and students
  • Trusted by over 3 million users worldwide
  • Multiple topics
  • Track completion via our centralised portal
  • Available in multiple formats

Sample some of our higher and further education courses

Consent on Campus

Designed to promote a culture of consent on campus. It covers the definition of consent, how to recognise consent or the absence of it and how to help someone in need of support.


Cyber Security: A Student's Guide to Online Safety

Learn the cyber security strategies and skills you’ll need to navigate the online world safely throughout your time as a student.


Health and Safety on Campus

Gives an overview of the key health and safety topics students and staff need to know in order to be safe and well on campus.


Plagiarism in the Age of AI

Explains the dangers of plagiarism and explores how AI exacerbates the problem, as well as the technologies and best practices available to assist students in writing great papers.


Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

Gain a practical understanding of mental health and produce an action plan for improving your own, and your fellow students', mental health and wellbeing.


Safer Universities

Recognise warning signs of challenges at university, when and how to act, and the limits of your responsibilities. These responsibilities are explored in four key areas.


What do our higher and further education courses cover?

  • Compliance best practice such as gifts and hospitality, modern slavery and whistleblowing
  • Understand the problems and dangers of plagiarism in the age of AI and how to avoid it
  • Promote a culture of health and safety — consent, health and safety regulations and working with Display Screen Equipment
  • Learn how to make your institution a place of acceptance for everyone
  • Guidance on looking after staff and students' mental health and wellbeing
Higher Education and Further Education Training

Omnitrack's reporting and tracking solution for universities

With the average UK university having around 20,000 students at any one time, keeping track of compliance among students and staff alike can be challenging. Managing essential processes such as complaints, combatting plagiarism and data protection is almost impossible when relying on PDF forms excel spreadsheets. Our centralised reporting solution, Omnitrack, allows higher educational institutions to:

  • Manage complaints and incidents
  • Record policy attestations
  • Allow whistleblowers to make reports without fear or reprehension
  • Conduct campus-wide diversity and inclusion surveys
  • Record all gifts and hospitality
  • Flag suspected plagiarism and AI content instantly

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Higher Education and Further Education Training