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Complaints Registers

Manage all internal and external complaints from one central, secure platform

How does your organisation collect and manage complaints?

No organisation looks forward to receiving complaints but when they do arise, they should be taken seriously. Swiftly and comprehensively addressing complaints will help your organisation gain constructive criticism and deal with the requirements of any professional indemnity insurer or regulatory body.

Many organisations collect complaints via lengthy online surveys, or simply provide a complaints email address on their website. Accordingly, for records to be stored centrally, staff may subsequently need to duplicate the data entry process. But the lack of automation doesn't just cause problems when initially inputting data relating to the complaint. It also limits an organisation's ability to monitor the status of incidents.

VinciWorks' solution

Our complaints registers make it easy to manage complaints and automatically update staff when necessary. This allows organisations to stay on top of all complaints and choose the best course of action.

Core features

  • 100% customisable — Easily edit the form to suit your organisation or industry-specific ombudsmen
  • Conditional logic — The form adapts as it is being completed, so only relevant questions are asked
  • Assess all entries via a centralised dashboard and flag responses that require further action
  • Easily track each complaint status and set reminders for deadlines
  • Can be used for both internal and external complaints
  • Securely share data between offices, making it simple to manage next steps


Our hosting and security, implementation and support and APIs and integrations are unparalleled in the industry.