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The Posted
Workers Directive

Centralised PWD reporting for all multinational businesses

What is the Posted Workers Directive (PWD)?

The EU's Posted Workers Directive aims to ensure that employees sent (or "posted") from one EU country to another are granted the same working conditions as local employees. It creates a significant compliance burden for employers in the EU that regularly send employees to other EU countries. In most situations employers must report the posting, ensure the local laws are met and track various information for audit purposes.

Due to the complexity of the Directive and the varying reporting requirements of each member state, ensuring the correct information is collected and reported can be a challenging process. VinciWorks has built a centralised reporting solution to help businesses comply with the Directive by keeping track of all their posted workers. This in turn ensures that reports can be made accurately and on time to the relevant authority. The system also includes built-in guidance to help users understand the questions and terminology used by the host nation in question.

VinciWorks' PWD reporting solution — Core features

  • Built-in guidance for each member state including details of reporting deadlines
  • Questionnaire logic changes based on country the posted worker is being sent to
  • Collects the minimum information required, saving time and ensuring GDPR compliance
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Easily review and edit posted worker's response and send back to them
  • API integration with other systems

Free guide to compliance

VinciWorks has created a free guide to the Posted Workers Directive. The guide covers:

  • Introduction to what a posted worker is with examples
  • When an organisation can post an employee in a different member state
  • Requirements ahead of, during and after each posting
  • Who is required to report under PWD
  • What information should be included in each report

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