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Skill Boosters is now VinciWorks.


Leading diversity and inclusion training provider Skill Boosters has joined VinciWorks. This means that as well as high-quality video courses, you can now enjoy hundreds more courses covering an increased range of topics, new features such as in-browser edit mode, and more. Existing clients will continue to benefit from all the features they were already enjoying.

You can now enjoy:

  • Over 500 courses
  • In-browser edit mode
  • Global training
  • Full accessibility
  • Video courses
  • Training for specific industries and roles

“The merging of Skill Boosters into VinciWorks means we are able to offer more topics, increased development resources and even better customer service to all clients. VinciWorks customers are already benefitting from access to hundreds of high-quality video courses. In addition, Skill Boosters clients can now train their staff on every aspect of regulatory compliance.”