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Learning Management Systems – creating a culture of learning

Employees are now changing jobs more frequently than ever and are thirsty to gain new skills. Having a company culture of constant learning and personal development will not only benefit the employee, but also the company.

How do you create a learning culture?

Any cultural change in a company starts with the leadership. If it becomes clear to a team that their manager has taken on a commitment, the team will begin to realise this is now something important to their manager and, indeed, their company. The next step would be to start encouraging staff to do the same. Taking time out of their workday to learn something new, be it related to compliance or simply to learn a skill that will help them improve at work, will no longer feel like they are not working. Using an LMS to do that helps automate the process of learning, making it easier to assign and manage multi-user learning.

Managers should encourage staff to discuss anything they have learnt when staff are chatting by the water cooler and single out individuals for praise when it becomes clear they are using skills and knowledge they have learnt to carry out their work.

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Learning Management System 6.0 is here

We are excited to share that the VinciWorks Learning Management System (LMS) has now been upgraded to version 6.0. The new version of the LMS has many improvements that focus on creating a rich user-friendly learning experience. With a beautiful new user interface, learning plans, video course creation and more, this upgrade improves many aspects of the system, without changing any of the current functionality. You can view a video demonstration of the new version by clicking on the image below.

Play lms 6 demo

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LMS 6.0 – what’s new?

LMS 6.0 includes hundreds of enhancements to the system architecture, improved user experience and many new features. Note, some of these features are only available to users on the pro and enterprise plan.

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Learning Management Systems explained

An example of VinciWorks' LMS 6.0 dashboard

An example of VinciWorks’ LMS 6.0 dashboard

What is a learning management system (LMS)? Who needs an LMS? How do they help with learning? While many have heard the term, for others it may be difficult to understand exactly what an LMS is and how it could be helpful to your organisation. Here is everything you need to know.

What is a Learning Management System?

The best way to describe a learning management system is to break down the title.

Learning – organisations manage ranges of staff, from a small team of ten to a multitude of departments, amounting to thousands of employees. Those employees are assigned to train on a number of topics, ranging from compliance training such as anti-money laundering, to webinars, workshops and seminars.

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On-demand learning management system webinar

Screenshot of new Learning Management dashboard

VinciWorks recently hosted a webinar taking attendees through the new learning management system, including which features will be added when we update from LMS 5 to LMS 6. You can watch the full webinar, as well as access the slides and helpful resources, below.

Watch webinar

Some of the features that will be included in LMS 6

HR Integration

Joiners automatically enrol in onboarding courses, leavers are automatically deactivated and any personal details remain in sync.

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New LMS feature: administration tools added to activity screen

One of the latest features added to our LMS is the ability to access administration tools from the activity screen. Simply click on an activity from your calendar or list, then use the scroll-down on the top-right of the activity screen to carry out activities such as enrol users, invite groups or view the attendance list.

Demo showing how to manage activities


New LMS feature: “Browse calendar” feature added to administration toolbar

VinciWorks has just added a new feature to their LMS to help users manage tasks more efficiently. Users can now easily browse their calendar by clicking on “offline activities” and then “browse calendar of activities”. Users can easily view a list of the activities by clicking on “switch to list” above the calendar.

Browse calendar activity function

The new function makes it easier and faster for users to view their activities in a calendar format

New LMS feature: manage activity requests without leaving your desk

Users can now easily request to take on a new learning activity, without leaving the office or writing an email. This new automated feature means administrators can easily authorise and track their staff’s learning activities.

With this new feature, users simply click on the “submit activity request form” option on the top right of their LMS and enter the details of the activity they are requesting. Once the user has completed their request, their line manager will receive the request via email. Once the request is approved by the line manager, the activity will be appear under the user’s list of learning activities.
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New CCM feature: log a completed activity on-the-go

Users now have the ability to log any learning activity on-the-go with just a few clicks. This allows users to quickly record that they attended a lecture, even if they don’t have time to associate the activity with a learning need or perform a full reflective process.

How to log a completed activity

From any screen in the LMS, users can click the ‘Log a completed activity’ icon. This works on a computer and on mobile devices.

Log activity
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New LMS Update: Customised unique email templates for each learning activity

Email templates are one of the most popular features in the VinciWorks learning management system. Templates enable you to customise the text and look of every email from the system down to the last detail. Many organisations recreate the exact look-and-feel of internal emails down to the graphics in a signature. Templates can include dynamic fields that are personalised to every user, such as first name, department, date of last cyber security training or any other field in the system.

All templates can “spoof” sender information, so that the emails appear to come from a colleague or manager. Carbon copied addresses can also be added.
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New LMS feature: duplicate your nag

Nagware allows managers to automatically send out an email to remind staff to begin or complete a learning activity. Administrators can select when to  start sending the nag emails, often to send them and a trigger for when to begin to send the nag emails.

We have just added a new feature that means a “nag” can easily be duplicated so that a new nag doesn’t need to be started from scratch.

Duplicate Nag

Administrators can now easily duplicate a “nag” without having to copy and paste the details of a previous nag

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