Over the next few months, VinciWorks will finalise its Learning Management System development schedule for 2020. We aren’t yet able to share the full details of the new LMS developments but suffice to say, we are excited. What we can share is:

You should expect new and innovative features from the LMS in 2020.

Our LMS development process 

We are taking this time to meet with clients and users to deeply understand the challenges and opportunities that L&D and Compliance Officers face when delivering online training. 

Over the course of 2019, VinciWorks doubled the size of its technology team and hired a Chief Technology Officer with 25 years of experience. Under the CTO’s direction, we will support and develop the LMS and other learning and compliance technologies for years to come. 

The CTO joins a team with over 100 collective years of experience in e-learning and compliance.

LMS plans for 2020 and beyond

During 2020, we plan to expand the features and learning technology we offer to help our clients ensure that they are able to deliver a best-in-class training experience for their users.

An example of VinciWorks' LMS 6.0 dashboard

Can you give us a hint of the future?

We have made the decision to focus our attention specifically on e-learning and compliance rather than instructor-led training.

We are passionate about behavioural change. We believe that e-learning has the potential to surpass the classroom experience by delivering targeted, personalised content that feels relevant to every user. This mission will guide our LMS development.

Are we retiring the LMS?

It has come to our attention that an individual from a competing LMS has been contacting VinciWorks’ clients and making claims about the VinciWorks LMS:

The contents of the email are completely false. VinciWorks has been delivering a world-class LMS to hundreds of thousands of users for over ten years. We continue to innovate and release features on a weekly basis. Version 6 of our LMS, released in late 2018, included a large overhaul of the user experience and many new features. During 2019 alone we released hundreds of different improvements to the LMS.

You have our word and our reputation:

The VinciWorks LMS will continue to be supported, developed and improved for years to come.