Poor mental health at work is one of the biggest threats to businesses and organisations today. It costs UK employers billions every year in sickness absence, reduced productivity and staff recruitment and takes a terrible toll on individuals’ well-being – yet a huge number of employers are unsure of how to approach the problem and for many it remains a taboo subject.

Working through lunch every day might impress the boss, but sooner or later it’s going to take its toll, creating an opportunity for unnecessary workplace stress. And it’s not just holidays and lunch-breaks that we’re talking about, either – even short screen breaks are essential for re-charging your batteries and giving you a much-needed chance to rest and recuperate.

The Christmas and New Year break tends to be a time when we take stock of our lives – and employers can find that staff have spent the holidays brooding over problems at work or even dusting off the cv and looking for a new job. So what can organisations do to make sure everyone’s on board.