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Omnitrack introduces custom statuses and automations

Note: The new features discussed here will be available on demo/sandbox sites from Sunday 11 April. Live Omnitrack sites will be updated Sunday 25 April.

We’re giving you full control of your workflows with custom statuses and automations

Omnitrack is a flexible data collection tool which can accommodate many workflows and use cases. We’re always assessing how we can make Omnitrack even more flexible, practical and effective, and are excited today to introduce ‘custom statuses and automations’.

The ‘Edit Form’ section of Omnitrack now features two new pages – Statuses and Automations – that allow you to define your own workflow statuses and automation rules. Like all Omnitrack settings, these settings are intuitive, flexible and easy to set up with no technical know-how required.

Statuses page

The statuses page allows you to view, edit, and delete statuses

You are no longer restricted to the default workflow statuses of ‘In Progress’, ‘Inbox’, ‘Register’ and ‘Archive’. Although these defaults work in some cases, they can be hard to understand and leave out critical steps in your workflow process. 

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Omnitrack version 2.34.0

Form performance enhancements

  • Data collection in Omnitrack is fast and simple. This latest release includes a complete overhaul of the ‘forms engine’ which makes the Omnitrack experience of filling in and reviewing forms faster and smoother.
  • The new forms engine features quicker navigation, seamless data input, and improved handling of very long forms with complex logic.

Ease of use improvements

DAC6 dropdown field with search
  • The new top bar will be ‘sticky’ at the top of the screen and always available to users, including:
    • An autosave indicator which lets you know when your changes have been saved and it’s safe to close the form
    • New and cleaner “share and reassign” icon
    • New and cleaner “export” icon
  • Dropdown search
    • Dropdown fields now include a search bar so users can easily find the value they are looking for
  • New date picker
    • The date picker has a new look and will no longer get hidden by pesky browser suggestions or other fields

Admin dashboard redesign

Admin dashboard with newly-designed folders and forms
  • The main administrator dashboard has been redesigned to improve the visual appearance and to show more useful information to administrators at a glance.
  • You can now create folders to help organise your forms by department or by type. (Folder permissions are coming soon to restrict admins to specific folders.)
  • Tick the top-right corner of a form or folder card to view the new actions menu. You can now manage and organise folders and forms in bulk.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a typo on the reminders page.
  • Fixed the issue where paragraph fields were not displaying all of the text by default.
  • Fixed the dashboard sort not saving your last preference.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering the emails audit trail by subject gave an error.

Omnitrack version 2.33.0

Features & improvements

Folders and form organisation

  • Folders on the main admin dashboard have been redesigned with further visual improvements coming. 
  • Forms which have been added to folders will no longer appear in the Forms section of the page, so your dashboard will stay clean and organised with many forms.
  • You can save steps by selecting a folder when creating a new form, as well as creating a new form from within a folder.
  • Performance improvements have been made for a faster and smoother dashboard experience.

Reporting enhancements

  • Graphs and charts now include the option to hide blank responses to the question you are reporting on. 
  • All graphs allow you to report on ‘Admin only’ fields.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with rules logic that was causing some submissions to be unintentionally archived when updated via the public API.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Select All’ where changing the applied filter and running a second bulk action would save your previous selections in the background.

Omnitrack version 2.32.0

Features & improvements

Folders for admin dashboard

  • Admins can now organise their forms into folders. You can get started with folders by selecting ‘New folder’ on the forms dashboard. 
  • Sorting preferences on the dashboard will now automatically save between sessions. 

Counter widget improvements

  • The counter widget can now count responses for dropdowns, multi select questions, and date fields.

DAC6 reporting

  • Reporting for Taxpayers is now available for all relevant jurisdictions.
  • We’ve implemented XML reporting for Romania and Lithuania.

Form and field deletion

  • The system will now display more details about which form or field you are about to delete to avoid any nasty accidents. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue for clients using SSO where direct links to forms in system emails were not directing admins to a specific submission.
  • Fixed an issue where the width of the grey background on exported submissions sometimes varied from page to page.
  • Fixed an issue where field placeholders were not appearing properly in reminder emails to administrators.
  • Fixed an issue where turning a customised system notification off and back on would revert the email text back to the default template. 
  • Added more detailed error messages to the user bulk upload process. 

Omnitrack version 2.31.0

Features & improvements

DAC6 reporting

  • DAC6 XML reporting is now available for all requested jurisdictions that have a published an appropriate schema.
  • DAC6 workflow has been amended to accommodate HMRC’s changes to the UK’s DAC6 implementation.
  • Other new DAC6 changes, including partial reporting in Ireland, are coming soon.
  • DAC6 “update reports” are now supported to allow updating a report to a tax authority if circumstances change after an initial disclosure is made.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Duplicate Submission not working on the Archive tab.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting all tabs ignored grid filters.
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not submit without required fields on public forms.
  • Fixed conditional logic and field descriptions not saving updates in certain scenarios with poor bandwidth.
  • Fixed an issue where deactivated users could be assigned ongoing submissions.

Omnitrack version 2.30.0

Features & improvements

End-user dashboard

  • The dashboard is the new home page for users who are assigned multiple forms. They will be able to easily navigate between their forms from the dashboard.
  • Users will also be able to set a custom view for each form they have assignments on to see the exact data that is relevant to them.

Additional improvements for end users

  • End users can create their own submissions from scratch. The ability to create submissions will need to be turned on by an admin and can be found in Edit form → Share your form.
  • We’ve added a ‘Form Created’ column to the end user view.

Duplicate submissions

  • Admins can now duplicate any submission with all of its data. This saves time in creating similar submissions on a form.
  • When a submission is duplicated, it will be recorded as an event on the submission Timeline and will include a link back to the original submission.

Option to decide what’s exported to CSV

  • When exporting the grid to CSV users can decide:
    • if they’d like to export all tabs or only the current tab. 
    • if they’d like to export the visible fields or all form fields.

Form history

  • To view a user’s form history, navigate to Users, click the menu icon for a specific user and select ‘Form history’.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bulk share giving 500 errors for large processes.
  • Removed bulk actions that are not supported for public forms.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering the Archive tab did not update the number of submissions.

Omnitrack version 2.29.0

Internet Explorer will no longer be officially supported in 2021. In order to ensure the best user experience with Omnitrack we suggest moving to a supported browser such as Google Chrome. 

Sharing submissions in bulk

How to use bulk share
  • Admins now have the option to share submissions in bulk. To share multiple submissions simply tick the relevant submissions on the grid → click bulk change → and select the ‘Share’ action. 
  • You can hover over the ‘Assigned User’ column on the grid to see a list of users shared on a submission.

Custom share and assignment notifications

  • We’ve also added an option to send a custom notification to the shared or assigned user. 
  • After selecting the share or re-assign actions an email editor will appear with your default template loaded. The template can then be edited and sent while the default is retained for next time.  

Duplicate field copies logic

  • Duplicating a field in form builder will now copy over any conditional logic as well. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where bulk change was not working in Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed an issue with the email editor where blank reminder titles caused a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where changing user IDs in bulk user uploads was resulting in an error. 
  • Share view no longer says ‘Emails will be sent’ when the email for that action is disabled.
  • Bulk user upload email header is no longer case sensitive.
  • Timeline and audit trail times now display in the logged in user’s timezone.

Omnitrack version 2.28.0

Features & improvements

Coming early in 2021, VinciWorks will release two revolutionary features: custom statuses and a new automations engine. These features will enable powerful, tailored workflows and automations for each Omnitrack use case. They will be available to clients who license the Omnitrack Unlimited tier. Learn more.

Reminder email digests

  • We have added the option to consolidate reminders into single daily, weekly or monthly emails. 
  • For example, admins can set a rule that reminders will be sent once a month on the 1st of the month for all incomplete submissions. Let’s say a user is assigned three submissions on December 20th, 21st, and 22nd. The rule above would ensure that the user would receive a single email reminder on the first of each month for any outstanding submissions instead of three separate emails in subsequent months.
  • Note that the default for existing reminders remains ‘send the reminder as soon as possible’ which is how reminders have worked up to now.
  • We recommend reviewing your reminders to determine if any of the new schedule settings should be used and contacting our support team if you would like to discuss. 

Changes to form admin permissions

  • Form admins can no longer delete or archive an entire form. 
  • Form admins can now create new forms.

Enhancements to single submission export to PDF or Word

  • Unnamed section headers have been filtered out of the reporting configuration page.
  • The width of the grey background is now consistent on all pages.
  • Single submission reports now include the option to add admin-only fields.

View Submissions page updates

  • We’ve added a warning for admins when submitting without all the required fields filled in.
  • ‘Last updated’ has been added as an available column on all of the workflow tabs.

Form admin role now displays on the ‘Users’ page

  • In the ‘Role’ field on the users page, form admins can now be identified.
  • Note that you cannot currently filter by form admin but we plan to release an update for that soon.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where end-user CSV export was limited to 50 rows.
  • Fixed the issue where single submission reports could not be saved.
  • Fixed the issue where public forms incorrectly required sign in.
  • Removed a limit on the number of form admins that can be added.
  • Removed the link to the end-use dashboard from public form logos.

New Omnitrack feature: custom status and automation

Coming early in 2021, VinciWorks will release two revolutionary features: custom statuses and a new automations engine. These features will enable powerful, tailored workflows and automations for each Omnitrack use case. They will be available to clients who license the Omnitrack unlimited tier.

Here is a preview of what is to come.

Redesigned sidebar for easy access to all form features

Custom statuses

Statuses are like folders that help you keep submissions organised into logical groups and enable you to keep track of progress when dealing with a submission.

Once a submission is created in Omnitrack, it is automatically assigned a status. Administrators and users (when permitted) can then move a submission through a workflow by changing it status.

The default statuses are:

  • Incomplete
  • Inbox
  • Register
  • Archive

After countless discussions with our clients, we understood that these default statuses, while helpful, are limiting. Many times a use case will require more or different statuses to move a submission through its lifecycle.

With this new upgrade, we have significantly enhanced the power and flexibility of statuses.

For each individual use case in Omnitrack you will now be able add statuses, rename existing statuses or remove statuses. Renaming the default statuses is useful to align terminology and adding statuses is useful for creating logical, multi-step workflows.

For example, A DAC6 workflow might include the following statuses:

  • Incomplete
  • Inbox
  • Review by tax
  • Review by compliance
  • Reported
  • Not reported

And a GDPR breaches register might include the following:

  • Incomplete
  • Inbox
  • Investigation
  • Resolution
  • Closed
Adding, renaming and organising statuses is simple

For each status you can define whether it can be changed by end users or only by administrators.

End users will be able to see their submissions organised by status, helping them determine which require further action and which are in review.

End users can view their assignments by status

Automate workflows

The new automations engine will enable Omnitrack to perform tasks for you, saving time and helping you stay organised. Once an automation is setup once it will run with no input from you based on triggers that you define.

For example, you will be able to automate the following tasks:

  • Move a submission from Inbox to In-review when you click the request more information button.
  • Move a submission to reported when a DAC6 report is made
  • Move a submission to Archive when no DAC6 report is made
  • Move a submission to a custom status called LPP applies when a client refuses to waive professional privilege.

Using our automation builder, you can mix and match tasks and triggers in unique ways to create automation workflows that accomplish your specific goals.

Important change to API

Automations and custom statuses are breakthrough enhancements to Omnitrack. They add a level of flexibility and power that is unparalleled.

To support these new, power features, there are a number of existing APIs that will be affected. Any API calls performing the following tasks will be deprecated and must be updated:

  • Archive submission
  • Get submission by status

These existing APIs are not robust enough to work with custom statuses, they were designed to work only with the default set of statuses.

New APIs are being developed that will accommodate the new custom statuses feature. They will allow you to change the status of any submission to any other status and get submissions by any status.

Any clients using the old APIs must upgrade to the new ones. For most clients this change will likely be small and simple to do. If you aren’t sure whether you are using the legacy API, please contact us.

We want to make sure that this API transition happens smoothly. As the date of the upgrade nears, we will create a sandbox environment to test the new features and the new APIs. We will ensure that all APIs are working properly prior to the upgrade. We believe that the power and flexibility of these new features will be worth the effort of changing the API calls.

The API changes will happen at the beginning of 2021. All clients will be provided with at least two weeks of prior notice of the change and a sandbox environment to test the new API.

Omnitrack version 2.27.0

Features & improvements

Single submission exports

  • Users can now export submissions to Word which allows them to tailor the content of reports before passing them along to clients or internal stakeholders. 
  • In addition, PDF exports now include page numbers and dates.

End user dashboard

  • The end-user dashboard will save an individual user’s layout automatically. Users can add columns, re-order, and resize them.

End user export

  • We’ve added an export button to the end user view which allows users to export a list of all their assigned submissions to CSV.

Improved performance when opening submissions

  • We’ve made a substantial improvement to loading times when opening a submission from the admin screens.

DAC6 reporting

  • We’ve added support for another five DAC6 reporting schemas. We currently support XML DAC6 reporting for all available countries. 


  • Reminder action buttons (delete, duplicate, edit email) are now available even when the reminder is turned on. 
  • Links to external sites now have https appended to them. 

Improvements to search functionality

  • We’ve added enhanced search support to the submissions grid for ‘global search’ and ‘filter by column’ to allow searching for longer strings with spaces included. 

Hyperlinks in read only fields

  • Form builder now supports Markdown links in read only fields for you to present a specific link for users to click on.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where reminders set to send every day were sending out every 28 hours instead of every 24 hours.
  • Fixed editing system email notifications not working in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed the Start and Continue Form buttons sometimes not working in mobile view.
  • Fixed issue with welcome email for admins not appearing where single sign on is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue on reminder email templates where the cursor was jumping to the top of the email when adding a new placeholder.
  • Fixed the issue with admin login with SSO taking you to the end user dashboard.
  • Special characters are now displayed properly on the Logins audit trail.