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Omnitrack version 2.17.0

Streamlined re-assign workflow for admins

  • We have decoupled the share and re-assign workflows so that admins can reassign with a single click. Simply open a submission and select a new ‘assigned user’ from the drop-down.

Audit system logins

  • Your system security is our top priority. You can now easily keep track of who’s accessing your system and when.

Single Sign-On enhanced interface

  • We strive to make system implementation quick and painless. Setting up single sign-on is now easier than ever. With our new ‘Test SSO’ button, your IT team can make sure everything is working as expected before turning on SSO.

Create new submission button for admins

  • Omnitrack admins can manually create new submissions at any time. We have added an enhancement that will allow admins to fill in a partial submission, save it, and then reassign it to the relevant user.

Conditional logic on date fields

  • Form builder now allows admins to set up conditional logic around a date based question. 

User interface enhancements

  • We’ve been listening to your feedback on the user interface and have implemented some small but helpful enhancements.
    • We changed the scroll bar colour to dark grey and they should now be more noticeable.
    • The ‘add admins’ page now uses the ‘responsible admin’ terminology to match the submissions page.
    • The ‘Reminders’ page now uses the ‘assigned user’ terminology.

Search function on long lists of field names

  • Scanning through lists of field names takes time you don’t have. We’ve added a search bar to lists that will allow you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Export to Excel now respects filters

  • You can now filter your submissions page for the specific data you want to report on, eg ‘Assigned User: John’, and then export that data to Excel.

API documentation

  • Your IT teams have been hard at work setting up Omnitrack integrations. We’ve been listening to their feedback and have made a few changes to our API documentation.

Bug fixes

  • Text changes in email templates to remove references to ‘login’.
  • Bulk upload now supports adding CSV in the body of API calls
  • Fixed the issue with default ‘responsible admin’ not getting notifications of new submission.
  • Fixed an issue with the overview tab changing reports in some cases.

Omnitrack version 2.16.0

Conditional logic for reminders

  • We have created a robust query builder for reminders that will give admins nuanced control over who gets reminded about what; for example, you can now set a reminder that:
    • Checks if a reporting deadline is 5 days away
    • Checks which country the submission was reported from, let’s say Germany
    • Checks if there is a cross-border element
    • Reminds a specific admin in Germany that the submission has an upcoming deadline

Additional enhancements to the reminders feature

  • In addition to the enhanced reminder logic, we have also:
    • Allowed reminders to be sent ‘On’ a specific date and not just before/after
    • Added the recurring option to date based reminders

Sharing feature enhancements

  • We have worked to improve the sharing feature with an emphasis on the admin side
    • The share page now stays open after you add a user so that you can add and re-assign without losing track of the submission
    • Email notifications will no longer send when Admins add users
    • We have added an admin specific email template for re-assign

Submission grid changes

  • The days of hovering on a column to find the filter icons are over, filter icons now appear by default
  • Column width will now save automatically. You can adjust the column width on the grid, navigate away from the page, and come back to find it unchanged

Bug fixes

  • Solved errors with the re-assign feature
  • Fixed issue where column layout did not save when you change it and then open the submission
  • Fixed an issue with markdown syntax, double square brackets break the form

Omnitrack version 2.15.0

Share forms – allow multiple users to collaborate on a submission

  • We’ve redesigned the share experience to allow more effective collaboration with teammates. Need help filling out your form but don’t want to re-assign ownership? Share with any team member and the form will appear in their new ‘shared with me’ section on the user dashboard. 
  • In addition, form owners now have a full timeline on their dashboard. This will allow them to easily track changes made by shared team members. 

Send reminder to a specific admin

  • We’ve made the reminders feature even more robust by allowing users to set up a reminder to specific admins. 
    • For example: Send ‘John Smith’ a reminder 7 days before reporting deadline

Published DAC6 reporting integrations for Germany,UK, and Sweden

  • We have been hard at work translating tax authority schemas into valid single click reports. We can now produce valid XML reports for Netherlands, Germany, UK, and Sweden. 


  • All actions on the comment tab are now being audited (add/delete/edit)
  • Reminder names are now being displayed in the timeline
  • All share actions appear on the timeline (share/remove user/ reassign)

Duplicate field with conditional logic

  • Duplicating a field on the form builder will now duplicate its logic as well. 

Bug fixes

  • DAC6 mapping – fixed issue with blank TIN
  • Fixed issue with flags not being removable on the form builder
  • Fixed markdown support for field titles and descriptions
  • Limited field titles to 500 characters due to unexpected errors with long field names
  • Added ‘read more’ links to instructional text fields

Omnitrack version 2.13.0

Comments section enhancements

  • Design improvements to newly added comments
  • Added the ability to delete or edit a comment
  • See how it works

Improvements to workflow tabs (Inbox/Register)

  • New columns get added on screen
  • Confirmation before deleting a submission
  • Created date added as a new system column
  • Highlight grid row when clicked to save the last submission you reviewed
  • See how it all works

Review submissions in ‘full screen mode’  

  • Admins can now expand the submission page to work in full screen
  • See how it works

Performance enhancements

  • Additional enhancements to allow smooth performance on form building and data entry. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed timeline sort inaccurate in some cases
  • Fixed 500 error in audit trail
  • Fixed 1 day reminders being sent every other day. They now send after 1 calendar day. 
  • Fixed an issue with admin field settings not being passed to the settings drawer

Omnitrack version 2.12.0

Improved design for field settings

  • Admins can quickly view all of the field settings by clicking the new Cog icon. 
  • See how it works

Description logic

  • Admins can now enhance their workflows with dynamic description text on form fields. Description logic allows you to create multiple tool-tips for a single field and decide when each one is displayed to the user. 
  • See how it works

End-User Dashboard enhancement

  • End-users can now customize their dashboard layout. This is especially helpful in quickly identifying the forms assigned to them. 

Performance enhancements

  • True to our belief that filling out forms should be a seamless experience for your staff, we have worked to further enhance the responsiveness of our forms. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed API error when for ‘Update User’ request
  • Fixed an issue where the date picker was overlapping with text fields
  • Fixed an issue with SAML timeouts which were causing status transition issues

Omnitrack version 2.10.0

We are doing a lot of work on reporting integrations which is happening in the background and will be gradually released.

IT & Security

Security enhancements

  • We made 2 enhancements as part of our ongoing commitment to security.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed multiple issues with the bulk user upload
  • Fixed issue with admin date fields not being editable
  • Update submission was not working in some cases
  • Fixed issue with private forms showing 0/0 when there are submissions
  • Fixed issue where you have to click a link twice to open it

Omnitrack version 2.9.0

Allow admins to delete form fields used in logic

  • Any field on your form can now be deleted, whether it’s used in conditional logic or not. We’ve added an additional warning and confirmation when you take this action.
  • Pro tip: deleting a field with logic associated will ‘free’ the dependent fields (see video). 
  • See how it works

Read more links

  • Long descriptions take up a substantial amount of real estate on your form. We’ve implemented a ‘read more’ link to ensure that your form looks clean but presents the necessary information when relevant.
    Form and field descriptions will now be cut off after 5 lines and users will be able to click the ‘read more’ link to expand and view the rest of the text. 
  • See how it works

Integration builder

  • We have been hard at work developing a robust DAC6 integrations builder that will allow admins to seamlessly report to any tax authority at the click of a button. 
  • The builder is still a work in progress but as of now users can export any submission to XML format using a generic DAC6 integration. 
  • See how it works: Part 1    Part 2

IT & Security

API documentation updates

  • We have used client feedback to improve our API documentation. This should make for a smoother onboarding and set-up experience. 

Security enhancements

  • The security of your data is our top priority. We have released multiple security patches to make your data even more secure.

Bug fixes

  • Lay-out fixes for internet explorer
  • Fixed issues with Single Sign-on implementation
  • Implemented fix to make sure hidden fields don’t affect form logic
  • Fixed reminder templates failing on save
  • Fixed client specific issue with flagging rules
  • Fixed various API call failures
  • Fixed issue with the logic drawer being cut off

Omnitrack version 2.8.0

Submission timeline

  • We have created a great looking submission timeline which will allow admins to keep track of where they are in the reporting process for each submission. The timeline is easily digested and gives the user a good overview of past and upcoming events.
  • See how it works

Reminders Phase 2

  • We’ve made some substantial improvements to our reminders page, which include:
    • Auto saving reminders – each action you take is automatically saved just like with form builder.
    • Design change – We’ve moved to a flat structure instead of the expanding cards. 
    • Email template per reminder – you can now save an email template per reminder you create as opposed to one template for all the reminders.
    • Ability to remind around the last updated date – you can create a reminder that says ‘Remind submitter to review a submission 10 days after it was last updated’. 
    • Ability to delete reminders

Form performance

  • Not something you can see but know that filling out a form should be a much smoother experience for end-users now.

Omnitrack version 2.7.0

Reporting Integrations 

  • As we wait for the various EU countries to publish their reporting schemas, we have taken the first step towards automated reporting to regulators from Omnitrack. Admins can now set up basic integrations which will map Omnitrack submissions to a reporting schema and transform that into XML format (which we’ve understood will be the reporting format required by HMRC and others.)
  • As schemas are published, we will be providing out-of-the-box integrations with our default DAC6 workflow.
  • Watch a video demo.

Share form for end-users

  • Lawyers and others filling out forms as an end-user can now collaborate with other people involved by sharing the form link with them. Simply click the ‘Share’ button and forward the link to other users.
  • See how it works.

Changed the name of a menu option

New field type on forms

  • We’ve added a new field type called ‘Instructional text’. Admins can now add a read-only block of text to their form workflow. This is especially useful for breaking up workflows in DAC6.
  • See how it works.

Omnitrack version 2.6.0

Hide/Show logic on sections

  • We’ve added functionality to the section fields to allow users to hide/show an entire section via conditional logic. You no longer need to add the same logic to every field in a section.
  • See how it works here. 

Click through on dashboard counters

  • The count widgets on the dashboard are now clickable! This is useful for DAC6 when you have a widget that counts ‘number of overdue submissions’ and you just want to see those submissions in a single view.
  • See how it works here. 

Added option to edit conditional logic fields

  • When a field is being used in conditional logic it gets locked. We have changed the implementation and users can now edit locked fields.
  • See how it works.

Ability to remind specific admin about a submission

  • Users can set up reminders that go to a specific admin and not all the admins. This is to avoid too many people getting reminder emails that aren’t relevant to them.
  • Watch a video demo.

Fixed the ‘Create Dashboard’ workflow (UX)