External Users: Manage suppliers and clients in Omnitrack

Important Omnitrack features such as reminders and automations require that users sign in to the system when filling out your form. This is complicated for use cases such as Supplier Assessments and Client Onboarding as it’s difficult to manage both internal people (employees) and external people (suppliers or clients) who need access to forms.

  1. Employees often access Omnitrack via Single Sign On, leaving external people with no way to log in. Many clients have resorted to using anonymous forms (which do not require sign in) at the expense of powerful tracking and follow-up features
  2. The system admins are not always aware of which external people need access to the form.
  3. The system admins need a good way to differentiate between and to manage permissions for each type of user.

Let’s walk through an example of a supplier assessment form to see how Omnitrack can solve these problems for you.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Users page and upload your existing list of suppliers to the new External Users tab.The system will now use a smart login mechanism to direct internal users to Single Sign On (if enabled) and your external users to the standard login page.

Step 2 –. Navigate to ‘Edit Form’ on your supplier form →  click ‘Form Settings’ → and then ‘Change access settings’. Tick ‘Allow external user accounts’. 

Step 3 – Decide which permissions external people will have when they access your form. We recommend turning on the new setting for ‘Allow users to invite external people’. This will empower your external users to share the form with their colleagues as needed. For example, you may initially share the form with your contact and they might need to bring in a colleague to answer some specific questions.

Step 4 – When a new supplier needs to be assessed you can add them to the external user list and assign them a new submission on the supplier form.

Alternatively, you can assign the new form to the employee responsible for the supplier and they can share the relevant people on the form.

If a user does not have an existing account they can be invited to Omnitrack and an account will be automatically created for them. All invites are logged in the audit trail for admins to review later on.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users were not taken directly to the form after resetting their password.
  • Fixed an issue where users on iOS could were not taken directly to the form after clicking the form link.

Custom buttons

A powerful new step in total flexibility for your workflows. Custom buttons allow you to add your own action buttons with your wording and colours at each stage. Instead of generic ‘Submit’ or ‘Save’ buttons, you can add a button to ‘Escalate to partner for review’ and any other action. See this feature in action in the video below.

Watch our short video showing how to customise buttons in Omnitrack

Automate custom emails

Use Automations to send a custom email when a certain action or condition is met. For example, you can notify the relevant manager with a specific message if a reporting threshold is exceeded.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where lookup fields did not allow users to search on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where direct links to a submission were taking signed in users to a blank page.
  • Fixed two issues with the new single option field type:
    • Visibility logic based on single option fields was defaulting to ‘Yes’.
    • The audit trail version of forms with the single option field were still displaying ‘yes/no’.

Single option fields are here!

Try out this new field type for cleaner, faster forms instead of using dropdown fields for single selection questions.

You can change any existing dropdown fields to single selection for a different look or create a new one.

PDF export enhancements 

Functionality for submissions exported to PDF has been improved, especially where PDFs have been signed with DocuSign.

This includes:

  • Cleaned up the layout with extra space between the form title and the questions.
  • New ‘create template’ link that allows you to quickly create a report template to use in your DocuSign configuration.
  • Added the option to include blank fields and changed the default to exclude them.
  • Confirmation fields now display the field name and description.

Reporting dashboard enhancements

Reporting widgets with no data available will now have explanation text with a link to the widget settings.

Table widgets now support reordering and resizing columns. Any column layout changes will be automatically saved and appear next time you view the report.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where custom PDF templates were displaying fields that were not included in the report.
  • Fixed an issue with automation logic where ‘AND’ logic was sometimes not working.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating submissions from the admin view was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where direct links to the reports builder were not working.

Make forms available by default for end users

You can now decide whether your forms should appear for all users by default. For example, you may wish to allow all users to submit gifts and hospitality on your Gifts Register and have that form appear by default for all users.

To enable this setting, navigate to your form and click ‘Edit form’. Click into the ‘Form settings’ page and navigate to the ‘End user permissions’ section. You can now toggle on the new setting called ‘Allow users to access and create new submissions from the dashboard’. Once toggled on, all end users logged into the system will see this form on their dashboard and have the ability to create a new submission.

Improvements to the DocuSign workflow

  1. DocuSign e-signature is now supported in Omnitrack on mobile devices.
  2. We’ve added a new ‘DocuSign’ tab for forms with DocuSign enabled. This allows admins to easily see if forms are signed and to download the signed PDF.
  3. We’ve added ‘Date Signed’ to the PDF exports for signed submissions to give a full record of when each document was signed.

Improvement to ‘Lookup fields’

We’ve added the option to display multiple choice fields as part of a lookup.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the audit trail where the ‘thank you’ page was showing instead of the form history in some cases.
  • Removed the field placeholders from the ‘Admin creates submission’ template. 
  • Fixed an issue in visibility logic where the ‘is blank’ condition was causing an error.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Share and reassign’ where the submission was not being updated with the new assigned user until the page was refreshed. 
  • Fixed an issue with group conditions where clicking the ‘X’ on a condition wasn’t removing it properly.

DocuSign integration is now available!

In our recent update, we have now integrated Omnitrack with Docusign. This valuable feature will enhance the compliance process in a wide variety of use cases, making signing documents with Omintrack extra smooth.

Allow users to sign your forms with a single click

Clients who have licensed the DocuSign integration will be able to integrate their forms with their existing DocuSign account.

Additional field placeholder support

We’ve added the ability to add field placeholders to the ‘Assigned user changed by an end user’ notification.

Penetration test complete

As part of a periodic security tests routine, VinciWorks regularly performs penetration tests by independent security companies who conduct both a grey-box and black-box review. The goal of these tests is to simulate external invasion to VinciWorks’ infrastructure and application levels, in order to examine the soundness of the existing security and defense methods and to locate weaknesses in the communication, application, database and operating system levels that are available to potential attackers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some counter widgets were displaying blank conditions
  • Fixed an issue with editing form descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where pie charts showing too many options were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the global search on the submissions grid ignoring spaces between two words
  • Fixed an issue where some forms with a custom sender address were sent from the wrong email address

Share page redesign

Making sure the right people have access to your forms is easier than ever. We’ve simplified the process by redesigning the share page with intuitive sections that allow you to select whether your form should collect anonymous submissions, require sign in, or only be available to certain individuals.

To start, the ‘Share your form page’ can now be found under ‘Form settings’.

The share page has been renamed ‘Form settings’

There are two ways to share your forms from this page

  1. Copy the form link and send it out via internal or external channels. You can change who has access to this link via the ‘Change access settings’ link.
  2. Create submissions for an individual or group of users that have existing user accounts on your system. These users will receive an email notification with a link to the submission created for them.
Change your forms access settings at any time

You can also take a hybrid approach of posting a link on your internal chat and inviting a few key users via ‘Create submissions’. 

Access settings can be changed at any time and submissions you’ve created can be managed from the ‘View submissions’ page.

New share setting for end user forms

Admins can now decide whether end users can share their submissions with others. To disable sharing navigate to ‘Edit form’ >> ‘Form settings’ >> toggle off  ‘Allow users to share submissions’.

Reports include full conditional logic

The Omnitrack logic builder allows you to display or select a set of data based on conditions being met. In the last Omnitrack release we added the logic builder to the Counter reporting widget. We’ve now extended the logic feature to all types of graphical reporting widgets. 

Enhancement to PDF exports

All PDF reports exported from the system now have the option to add a logo in the top right corner of the document.

We’ve also added support for instructional and placeholder text for use cases where a PDF needs to be generated in letter format (e.g. for client engagement letters). 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where creating a form inside an existing folder did not add it to the folder.
  • Fixed an issue where the data input of currency fields was not displaying the correct currency icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile view for end users only displayed the first 50 submissions.
  • Fixed an issue where reminders sent from the system created a ‘Form field update’ event on the timeline. 
  • Fixed an issue where custom email templates were not being copied over when forms were duplicated.

Enhanced reporting dashboards

Counter widgets have been enhanced to allow broader reporting, better insights and management data at your fingertips. 

AML reporting dashboard with counter widgets

To create a new counter widget navigate to Reports > Create new report > Select the relevant form > add new aggregate report. Now select Add a new widget > Counter widget. You can now decide which data you want to count using the logic builder. Select ‘Add counter’ to create and save your widget.

Example of a counter widget that will display the number of submissions where Jane Doe is the Fee Earner

Bug fixes

  • CSV exports of the users list now display the form admin role in the ‘Role’ column
  • Fixed an issue where invite only forms were not getting updated with a status change date which stopped reminders from being sent.
  • Fixed the share button on end user forms which was not working in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where number/currency conditions were not working in the reminders and automations logic builder.
  • Removed an extra banner which was blocking the title of the form on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where certain links were not redirecting to the correct page if you had to login before accessing the page.

Enhancements to visibility logic

You can now build logic based on whether another field is blank and based on whether a date field is in the past or the future.

Example of date field logic using past or future – Show a question ‘Why didn’t you request approval for this gift before it was received?’ when the answer to ‘Date of gift’ is in the past.

Reporting widget enhancements

The reports dashboard now allows you to create a graph based on multiple choice questions.

We’ve also updated the reporting widget builder to use the more intuitive ‘Include blank responses’ instead of ‘Exclude blank responses’. 

DAC6 Sweden

We’ve updated the Swedish reporting schema to use the latest version (2.0). 

Bug fixes

  • Very long drop-down values will wrap to a second line instead of getting cut off.
  • Fixed a bug on iOS devices where direct links to a submission were giving an error when accessing via single sign-on.
  • Fixed a bug where opening an existing submission as an admin changed the assigned user to the logged in admin.
  • Fixed a data issue that stopped end users from resubmitting forms.
  • Fixed an issue where editing form fields in bulk was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a recurrence in reminders was not working when the end date for the recurrence is ‘Status change’.

Admin-only fields in reminder conditions

Reminders can now be triggered based on the response to an ‘admin only’ field. 

Visibility logic based on fields being blank

We’ve added an option to set visibility logic that depends on another field being blank.

DAC6 reporting updates

We’ve updated the reporting schemas for all relevant countries using the new EU schema version 4.04.

The reporting schema for the Netherlands has been updated to the new version 1.5 and is valid starting August 20th. The old schema will be supported until September 30th. 

Optimisation of bulk changes

We’ve done some work in the background to ensure that audit entries are logged properly for bulk actions.

Optimisation of submissions grid 

We’ve done some work in the background to ensure that the submissions grid is no longer refreshing in the background when end users are filling in a form on the submissions page.

Adjusted font sizes

The font size on the ‘shared with’ tooltip has been adjusted to make it easier to read.

Bug fixes

  • We re-added the ‘Submission Date’ field to the submissions grid.
  • Fixed an issue with the logic builder where adding an ‘OR’ between conditions broke some automations.
  • Fixed an issue where the timeline was showing events 4 hours earlier than they occurred in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where some end users forms were showing an ambiguous message ‘form.not_locked’ when they were re-edited after being submitted in some cases. 
  • Fixed an issue where trying to add a flag to a field with a conditional description caused an error.
  • Fixed an issue where user lookup fields were causing surrounding fields to appear out of order.
  • Fixed an issue with multi-select and dropdown fields causing the cursor to jump when being edited.
  • Fixed an issue with the calendar pop-up being cut off in the submissions grid.
  • Fixed an issue where the form instructions field was missing a scrollbar when the text got too long.
  • User lookup fields no longer include deactivated users.
  • Reminders are no longer showing empty conditions by default. 
  • Fixed an issue where the submission count for a status tab did not immediately increase when duplicating a submission.
  • Navigating back from ‘View Submissions’ on an archived form now takes you back to the archive folder instead of the main dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the free-text ‘CC’ field on the email editor caused the cursor to jump around in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the API docs only displayed the first 50 forms in the system.
  • Fixed an issue where SSO login redirecting to a specific submission was being blocked in some cases on iOS devices

Time-based automations

Trigger menu displaying time-based triggers

Create automations that will run based on the amount of time a submission has been in a specific status or based on time since created or updated. This enables automated reviews of a submission after a period of time for ‘recertification’ or ‘ongoing monitoring’ of compliance.

Example: Ongoing monitoring in client due diligence process

Omnitrack is built to manage your AML client onboarding process. This includes risk assessment, identification and verification, as well as ongoing monitoring.

Time-based automations allow admins in Omnitrack to fully automate the ongoing monitoring process by setting a client file to ‘re-open’ after a period of time. Here’s how we recommend you integrate this feature into your workflow:

Automation for ongoing monitoring

Step 1 – Add a new status called ‘Ongoing Monitoring’ (or ‘Recertification’)

Step 2 – Add a new automation with the trigger ‘Time since last status change’ targeting submissions in your ‘Current Clients’ status and a specific time period, e.g. 24 months.

Step 3 Set the Action to ‘Change status to’ to transition submissions to the new ‘Ongoing Monitoring’ status. 

Step 4 Optionally, duplicate the automation to set up different review intervals for high, medium and low risk clients.

That’s it! Your AML process now supports automated ongoing monitoring.

Easy review of all flags

Flags & Comments section for a gift report

Your time is valuable and this feature really helps administrators cut to the chase. With the new ‘Flags and Comments’ tab you can quickly review the flags on a specific submission to understand what needs immediate attention. Resolve the flags and approve or leave a comment for another admin.

Changes to flag logic

We’ve updated the flag logic in the Form Builder to make adding new flags quicker and more intuitive.

Duplicate automation

Click the ‘Duplicate’ button on an existing automation instead of building a new automation from scratch. 

Nested sub fields

We’ve made it easier to differentiate between lookup fields and standard form fields. Lookup fields will now appear with their sub fields nested in conditional logic dropdown options.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where subfields were out of order in visibility and condition dropdowns.
  • Fixed the form menu bar in the Archived Forms folder so that it no longer displays irrelevant options.
  • Enhancements to the Export Report to PDF feature:
    • All graphs and widgets now display properly in the PDF
    • Widgets no longer get cut off
    • Unclickable buttons no longer show up on the PDF version of the report
  • Added the ability to set the Responsible Admin for a submission to blank to remove the current Responsible Admin.
  • Fixed the emoji picker so that the emoji is placed correctly in dropdown field options.