A Q&A on AI and business with Shlomo Agishtein, AI lead at Trullion

As artificial intelligence (AI) tools are increasingly becoming part of the daily processes of nearly every company and AI regulations are bearing down (we’re looking at you, AI Act) it’s more and more important to understand how to utilise and develop these tools ethically and effectively.

VinciWorks sat down with AI expert Shlomo Agishtein to discuss what companies need to understand about AI, how these tools can be used, why an AI company policy matters and how worried we should all be about AI regulation.

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Yes, it’s more important than ever. Here’s how to get started

No one really knows how to deal with AI yet. But as the use of AI technologies works its way deeper into our business practices and as AI slowly enters the legislative arena, we’re looking at, AI Act, it’s critical to have a policy ready. It’s vital for your business practice, for your employees, for your customers and to be prepared for eventual ongoing compliance. 

Ensuring that as AI advances, its use is ethical, controlled and helpful is what is propelling laws, discussions, and frameworks. It will go beyond data privacy, intellectual property and consumer rights into national and international regulations, crossing borders but necessitating understanding and adherence and a culture of responsibility. That is why a company AI policy needs to be able to function as a dynamic document that is prepared to change as the legal and cultural environment around AI evolves. 

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