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PECR Training

An in-depth course that combines short videos with interactive scenario questions. Train your staff on everything they need to know about Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) compliance.

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PECR is a law that governs how businesses are allowed to market to customers using electronic technology. The law is wide-reaching as it covers all industries and is applicable across the board. Breaches of PECR can leave company directors personally liable for fines of up to £500,000 per breach. The law is applicable across the EU and the UK.

PECR applies to companies that conduct phone, email or text marketing, or even have cookies on their website. Training on the regulation will reduce the risk of a PECR breach.

PECR: Getting to Grips ensures users understand the requirements of regulation, how to evaluate the risks and understand the marketing rules and how to apply them. The course sits alongside our GDPR training options.

Course outcomes

Key Concepts

Covers the differences between corporate and individual subscribers, what PECR covers and the role direct marketing plays.


There is a fine line between spam, marketing and an important message customers have to see. Getting on the wrong side of that line could be costly.

How to comply

Covers the differences between Opt In and Opt Out and compliance around paying third parties to market for you.


What are cookies used for and what are the laws around consent?


How does Brexit affect e-privacy laws in the UK and will the UK reform the ePrivacy directive?


All users complete a short, interactive test to ensure they understand PECR.

Course features

  • Video course with a simple, straightforward format
  • Incorporates short, interactive assessments
  • Works great as a specialist refresher course for those who have already done basic GDPR training
  • Provides a whistle-stop tour of everything one needs to know about PECR compliance
  • Covers all industries and job roles
Demo the course

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