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DAC6 Compliance

End-to-end DAC6 compliance solution

DAC6 is a European directive aimed at reducing international tax evasion and promoting transparency. It requires lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, bankers and other “intermediaries” to report some aggressive cross-border tax arrangements. Multinational businesses might also be required to report transactions in circumstances where no external intermediary is able to report. These “mandatory disclosure requirements” (MDR) are for tax transactions that cross EU borders, where it seems that the primary purpose of the transaction is a tax advantage.

VinciWorks has consulted tax experts across Europe and brought together over 100 international law and accounting firms to develop best-practice for DAC6. The result is an end-to-end compliance solution for DAC6 that not only fulfils firms' reporting and training needs, but includes guides, webinars and regular DAC6-focussed newsletters.

DAC6 reporting tool

VinciWorks' DAC6 reporting solution provides firms and multinational businesses with the expertise, knowledge and technical infrastructure to comply with the EU Directive in every EU jurisdiction. The tool uses a built-in knowledge engine to guide users through the DAC6 process and recommends which transactions should be reported. It features workflows designed and updated for the intricacies of each EU member state’s implementation of DAC6. Countries with stricter reporting guidelines are flagged.


Interactive DAC6 training for tax intermediaries

VinciWorks' training is recommended in order to understand the intricacies of these hallmarks and to determine which transactions must be reported. DAC6: Advanced provides tax intermediaries with a deep understanding of DAC6 legislation, including which transactions should be reported, what needs to be reported and where reports should be sent. DAC6: Fundamentals provides learners with a quick 10-minute overview of DAC6, what it is and how it relates to your role.

The training is fully customisable and can be translated into any language.

DAC6 Implementation — Country-by-country guide

VinciWorks has collaborated with Transfer Pricing Services to create a concise country-by-country guide to DAC6 compliance. The guide covers:

  • Tax authority and legislation
  • Legislative details
  • Legal professional privilege
  • Forms of reporting
  • Penalties
  • Timelines


Our hosting and security, implementation and support and APIs and integrations are unparalleled in the industry.

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