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Online Fraud and Market Abuse Training

Give your staff the tools to prevent potential abuses of market abuse regulations on an organisational and personal level.

Get your entire staff on board with market abuse requirements

For firms involved in the financial markets, it is fairly easy to get caught up in illegal market abuse practices without even realising it. The temptation is great for staff members to trade on insider information or exploit the firm's resources to try to manipulate the market. In many cases, the lines between what is acceptable and not are grey and unclear.

Our fraud and market abuse training gives staff members the tools to identify different types of fraudulent market activities, know the regulations surrounding them, and prevent potential abuses on an organisational and personal level. We offer both interactive training giving a practical overview of market abuse compliance requirements and a gamified course that drops users into a set of immersive scenarios to test their knowledge, understanding and ability to comply with the latest regulations.

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Our suite of fraud and market abuse compliance courses

Fraud and Market Abuse: A Practical Overview

Trains staff how to identify different types of fraudulent market abuses and prevent them.


Market Abuse: Know Your Trade

Immersive course that tests users’ knowledge, understanding, and ability to comply with the Market Abuse Regulations


Insider Trading: Fundamentals

Employees will learn the definition of “inside information” and understand how to spot risks and prevent violations, even inadvertent ones. This course is for US-based firms.

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  • Identify market abuse red flags
  • Understand key definitions such as insider lists, market manipulation, identity theft and more
  • Learn the topic through real-life scenarios and examples
  • Understand UK market abuse laws and regulations
  • Learn to evaluate risks and follow the right course of action