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ESG Data Collection Library

Manage the challenge of data collection and reporting with our all-in-one reporting solution

Managing ESG-related reports

ESG - environmental, social and governance - helps businesses measure their impact on the world. ESG goes broader than profit and loss, and is more detailed than corporate social responsibility.

ESG ratings detail and document how a company impacts on the environment, on society and people, and their own corporate governance. With governments working together towards ambitious targets, such as net-zero carbon emissions, and individuals increasingly likely to make everyday decisions with ESG in mind, now is the time for businesses to take it seriously.

VinciWorks’ ESG data collection and reporting solution allows each business to choose the most relevant topics to cover in their ESG compliance package. There is no one-size-fits-all, so risk managers can tailor-build their own reporting dashboards, customise their data collection forms or choose the products from our library. We will work with you to create a multi-year ESG plan according to the ESG framework that works for your organisation.

Our ESG product catalogue


Carbon Emissions

Drive down energy and carbon usage decreasing your overall environmental impact.

Ecological Impact

Increase global awareness by keeping track of the ecological impact of business practices.

Energy Management

Manage your energy usage to minimize environmental impact and keep costs down and help increase sustainability.


Anti-Money Laundering

Can be used to streamline both the risk assessment and document collection aspects of client onboarding.

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Data Protection & GDPR

Conduct privacy impact assessments, process data subject requests, record breaches and more.

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Gifts & Hospitality

Process and record all gifts, charitable donations and corporate hospitality with seamless approvals.

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Risk Management

Ensure all risk assessments and surveys are acted upon in an organised and timely manner.

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Facilitate anonymous or named whistleblower reports, and evidence steps taken to respond.

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Why VinciWorks?

Everything in one place

No need to use word documents, PDF or spreadsheets to register new processes. Store everything in a central database that is ready should you need to show reports to the authorities.

High-level support

Our team of experts is available to guide you on best practices in designing your Omnitrack workflow, on-boarding new staff onto training and more.

Tailor-build your processes

We will help you establish your ESG needs and help you track the success of new training and reporting procedures.

100% customisable

Our forms, dashboards and training are 100% customisable - add policies, links to internal guidance, relevant contact people and more.

Generate reports

Create and download graphical reports in seconds that can easily be sent to board members, investors or regulating authorities.

Track everything

Track all course completions and form submissions to ensure your organisation is up-to-date with your processes.

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