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Online Risk Management Training

Train your staff to manage organisational risks safely and efficiently.

Involve your staff in the risk management process

Every day, organisations face risks. On the one hand, there are countless uncertainties that could potentially harm a business at any given time. On the other hand, risk-taking is key to any sort of innovation or success. The challenge is developing a system that can help a company minimise dangers while maximising potential growth.

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to a business. In Risk Management: Fundamentals, we cover some of the basic tools that most risk managers use, including designing a risk matrix and composing a risk register. These will help you understand the types of considerations that they use to make decisions, and to ensure that a business is prepared for future scenarios.

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Learner outcomes

Key concepts

Offers a model for understanding risk and developing strategies for corporate decision-making.

Types of risk

Explores some of the most common types of risks companies face, from operations and finances to cybersecurity and reputation management.

Risk control strategies

Presents a toolbox for mitigating or eliminating risk in different scenarios, depending on the company’s objectives and risk appetite.

Evaluate risk

Explains how to use a risk matrix and risk register to gain a holistic understanding of a company’s risks, prioritise controls, and monitor ongoing developments.

Course features

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The risk management compliance solution

Risk Management is not a simple tick-box exercise. Organisations need to proactively avoid, control and respond to critical risks and ensure that these are regularly monitored. A thorough risk process should involve firm-wide input from the start, including identification surveys to surface new firm-wide risks, a robust risk and controls register and an adequate audit system to test and track remediation steps.

Commercial off-the-shelf risk registers often lack the ability to track every aspect of risk management. The flexibility of our system allows organisations to easily identify and score risks, test effectiveness of controls, record outcomes and automatically follow up on actions needed.

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