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DAC6 and MDR

Mandatory Disclosure Rules and DAC6 training for all Jurisdtictions

Interactive DAC6 training for all intermediaries. Created in consultation with HMRC and leading international firms.

DAC6 training requirement for intermediaries

DAC6 is a European regulation aimed at tackling tax avoidance and tax evasion, strengthening tax transparency and improving information sharing between EU Member States. The Directive requires lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, bankers and other “intermediaries” to report certain aggressive cross-border arrangements. VinciWorks' training is recommended in order to understand the intricacies of these hallmarks and to determine which transactions must be reported. The courses now begin with a "course builder" to deliver the most relevant content and scenarios to each learner.

DAC6: Advanced — Training for intermediaries

DAC6: Advanced provides tax intermediaries with a deep understanding of DAC6 legislation, including which transactions should be reported, what needs to be reported and where reports should be sent. In the course, each hallmark is explained in depth along with practical examples and scenarios to test the learner’s understanding. In each module there are clear explanations and examples to demonstrate DAC6 reportable activities.

Course features

  • Begins with a "course builder" to deliver the most relevant course to each user, depending on their industry
  • Detailed examples of each hallmark
  • Interactive scenario questions to ensure understanding of the DAC6 reporting process
  • Can be translated into any language so employees across the EU can complete the training
  • Interactive test sections at the end of each module to help users understand their reporting requirements
  • Fully customisable — additional scenarios can be included in the training to relate to the organisation's industry and policies

Screenshots from the course

DAC6: Fundamentals — Training for all staff

DAC6: Fundamentals provides learners with a quick 10-minute overview of DAC6, what it is and how it relates to your role. The course provides just enough guidance for learners to understand when a transaction should be escalated to the compliance team.

Course outcomes:

  • Understand what is included in DAC6
  • Learn about specific hallmarks
  • Gain clear understanding of DAC6 reporting
A screenshot of the course DAC6: Fundamentals

UK MDR: What's Changed?

The EU already has a set of rules requiring taxpayers and their advisers to report information about certain types of arrangements that might facilitate tax evasion. DAC6 was launched in 2018 to strengthen tax transparency and improve information sharing between countries.

Now, as of March 2023, the UK is implementing its own Mandatory Disclosure Rules, known as UK MDR, with many similarities to DAC6 and some key differences. This short course offers a high-level overview of what you need to know about the new UK Mandatory Disclosure Rules.

A screenshot of the What's Changed Course

DAC6 Knowledge Check

Assess your understanding of DAC6 with our five minute knowledge check. There are ten questions to answer, and you will receive feedback after each question.

A screenshot of the DAC6 Knowledge Check

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