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ESG Action Plan

We are on a mission to make ESG accessible and actionable. Designed for organisations that feel overwhelmed by ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance - and confused about where to start, our gap analysis enables companies to quickly and efficiently build and execute an ESG plan.

Why are businesses using ESG gap analysis tools?

Satisfy investor pressure

75% of investors consider ESG as part of their investment strategy. Formalising ESG reporting will unlock new investment opportunities and create positive relationships with your investors.

Mitigate risks

New legislation is increasing requirements for ESG compliance and reporting. VinciWorks tracks global legislation to ensure compliance.

Share your values

Customers are looking beyond price and look to purchase from companies that uphold their values. Unlock new opportunities by telling your ESG story.

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The ESG gap analysis journey

Our experts will get to know your business and industry, and assess which aspects of ESG are likely to have the biggest impact on your organisation and stakeholders.

You're probably doing more on ESG than you think. We'll look at where you are excelling and in which areas you can improve.

Use our dashboard to goals relating to the gaps in your ESG programme based on our recommendations.

Make your goals more achievable by breaking them down into multiple initiatives. This could include implementing training, reviewing policies and updating reporting and tracking processes.

Keep track of all goals and initiatives and assign any further action to relevant parties via our centralised dashboard.

Tell your ESG story now

Building an ESG action plan doesn’t require committees, preparation or significant time investment. VinciWorks' consultants work with a small set of stakeholders over approximately one month to:

  • Assess the materiality of ESG topics
  • Understand ESG gaps
  • Uncover and consolidate existing ESG initiatives
  • Unlock ESG opportunities
  • Create an ESG action plan
  • Create an ESG snapshot report for investors and stakeholders

Frequently asked questions on ESG gap analysis

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