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Coronavirus: Social distancing module added to health and safety course

Screenshot of social distancing training module

Under the latest government guidance, employers are being given more discretion as to whether their staff should be returning. At least a third of UK workers have returned to work in recent weeks as the government eases restrictions. If your organisation has employees working from the office, you have a duty of care to your staff. Managers must ensure a safe working environment where employees’ health is protected.

This means they have to ensure they have a safe place to work, safe work equipment, their health is protected while working, and assess risks to their health and safety and take action to mitigate those risks. This includes protecting staff from COVID-19.

The level of risk changes according to the type of work being undertaken and where it occurs. Working at home still presents the least risk, but managers may also want to provide the option for those who may want to return to the workplace to do so safely.

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On-demand webinar: DAC6 reporting solution – Feature updates

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Wednesday, 29 July, 12pm UK time

In March, we hosted a live demo of our reporting solution where we covered the core features of our DAC6 reporting software. Since then, the system has evolved to help businesses solve all the challenges presented by the complex Directive. Even if you have seen a demo of the product in the past, now is the time to get up-to-date with the implementation process.

Here are just some of the updates we have made:

  • Enhanced workflow with country-by-country guidance
  • Ability to report in multiple jurisdictions
  • New graphical customisable dashboards

In this webinar, we covered the core features of our software, new features that have recently been added and give guidance on how businesses can use it to report transactions. This webinar is suitable for both those who have attended previous demos and those who are less familiar with our system.

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New diversity training focussing on BAME racism

Recent events have once again highlighted racism and grave injustices towards people of colour, accentuating the need for both continued and renewed introspection and action to fight against racism. Sadly, these issues still exist in our world.

“Racism is a global issue. Racism is a British issue. It is not one that is merely confined to the United States – it is everywhere, and it is systemic,” wrote Edward Enninful, the editor-in-chief of British Vogue, who is black. Systemic racism is trending, but we only have to listen to stories of black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) people to understand that systemic racism is far from a fad.

As businesses think hard about whether they are doing enough to educate their staff on diversity, we have seen an increase over the last few weeks in demand for diversity training. We have added a new course to our existing diversity and inclusion training suite. Complementing our current story-based diversity course, Diversity and Inclusion at Work: MyStory, our new course will shed light on instances of discrimination, racism and bias against BAME people all too frequently experienced by people in the workplace through hard-hitting stories.

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Upcoming cyber security course to include new levels of personalisation and customisation

Cyber security course screenshot
The social engineering module in our new cyber security course includes personalised interactive scenario questions

Cyber training is most effective when delivered in short, micro-learning modules and users retain the information best when it is relevant to their individual circumstances and level of expertise. We may not need to teach IT professionals about password protection, just as the average staff member doesn’t need to know the technical specifications of the business’ firewall.

VinciWorks will soon be adding a new course to our cyber security training suite that takes personalisation to the next level. The course presents a brand new style of course that aims to provide the ultimate in relevant learning for the user. The course contains over 50 short individual units that dynamically organise themselves to create a relevant learning path as unique as each user.

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VinciWorks releases new conflicts of interest course

The online conflicts of interest course includes interactive scenarios to test users’ ability to identify a potential conflict of interest

We have now released a new conflicts of interest compliance course. Conflicts of Interest in the Workplace: Understand Your Influences provides learners with a 15-minute overview of conflicts of interest in the workplace. The interactive course explains what a conflict of interest is and covers different situations where an employee might encounter a conflict of interest.

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Upcoming course – Social Media: Communicating at Work

Social Media: Communicating at Work, takes a practical and comprehensive approach to training staff on the dangers and pitfalls of social media use at work.

How can you keep your employees safe online?

Social media and social networking have been in our lives for many years, and you’ve probably been using them for longer than you think. Social media platforms have evolved lightyears from their primitive forms in earliest days of the internet, when people would post messages on bulletin boards. Today, social media blurs the boundaries between our once distinct personal and professional personas. From sharing our views on the world to celebrating professional achievements and even interacting with brands as a consumer, the way we present ourselves online has rapidly become the marker of who we are in the real world.

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DAC6 training updated to reflect EU Commission’s reporting delay

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DAC6 is a European regulation aimed at tackling tax avoidance and tax evasion, strengthening tax transparency and improving information sharing between EU Member States. The Directive requires lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, bankers and other “intermediaries” to report certain aggressive cross-border arrangements. 

VinciWorks’ DAC6 training is recommended in order to understand the intricacies of these hallmarks and to determine which transactions must be reported.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Commission has confirmed an optional deferral of the implementation of DAC6 by six months. Each member state will now decide whether they will avail themselves of the optional deferral. Most countries are set to defer reporting, with several, including the UK, Ireland and France already having announced their intentions to defer reporting. We will continue to update this blog as more countries decide on whether and how to implement the new timeline.

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Anti-money laundering training – choosing the right course

VinciWorks has released new anti-money laundering training that replaces our flagship advanced and fundamentals courses. The training is available in two versions, tailored to different risk profiles.

Anti-Money Laundering: Advanced

Anti-money laundering course dashboard
Anti-Money Laundering: Advanced begins with a course builder, allowing users to instantly build the most relevant course for them

This is a 90-minute course geared towards staff with higher exposure to money laundering risk. This includes staff involved in client onboarding or due diligence. The course provides a detailed explanation of how money laundering works and how to conduct CDD. It also details all relevant laws and features an exhaustive list of red flags.

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VinciWorks stands with the black community

Recent events have once again highlighted racism and grave injustices towards people of colour, accentuating the need for both continued and renewed introspection and action to fight against racism. Sadly, these issues still exist in workplaces across the world.

VinciWorks strives to create a fairer, safer and more honest world. We have shown this through the impactful training we deliver on diversity, inclusion and anti-harassment, as well as other topics. We continually evaluate, expand and update our training and free resources to reflect how important diversity and inclusion is to us. 

Here’s what we are doing:

Free diversity and inclusion resources

Our diversity resources page contains practical resources, guides, policy templates and assessments to help organisations implement inclusive workplaces that promote equality and do not tolerate racism or harassment. The page can be shared across your organisation or bookmarked for easy access.

Access free diversity resources

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