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Omnitrack introduces custom statuses and automations

Note: The new features discussed here will be available on demo/sandbox sites from Sunday 11 April. Live Omnitrack sites will be updated Sunday 25 April.

We’re giving you full control of your workflows with custom statuses and automations

Omnitrack is a flexible data collection tool which can accommodate many workflows and use cases. We’re always assessing how we can make Omnitrack even more flexible, practical and effective, and are excited today to introduce ‘custom statuses and automations’.

The ‘Edit Form’ section of Omnitrack now features two new pages – Statuses and Automations – that allow you to define your own workflow statuses and automation rules. Like all Omnitrack settings, these settings are intuitive, flexible and easy to set up with no technical know-how required.

Statuses page

The statuses page allows you to view, edit, and delete statuses

You are no longer restricted to the default workflow statuses of ‘In Progress’, ‘Inbox’, ‘Register’ and ‘Archive’. Although these defaults work in some cases, they can be hard to understand and leave out critical steps in your workflow process. 

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Coming soon: SRA refresher training

The SRA standards are seven principles representing the fundamental rules on ethical behaviour that the SRA expects everyone working in the legal profession to uphold.

The principles must be upheld both inside and outside the work environment. This may also include in your private behaviour, including on social media.

With remote working, less supervision and fewer opportunities for face-to-face training, it’s never been a more important time to make sure your staff are up to speed on the SRA Standards and Regulations.

VinciWorks will soon be releasing an SRA refresher course that delivers refresher training in bitesize learning nuggets on SRA Standards, Regulations and Accounts Rules. The course is specifically designed for everyone in a firm, including fee earners, support staff, partners and in-house counsel.

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Integrate your training with VinciWorks’ reporting and tracking tool

Ergonomics assessment results dashboard
The results of the ergonomics assessment in our health and safety training can be fully integrated with Omnitrack

How do you make online training an experience that actually makes a difference in real time? How do you measure what each user is gaining from the training?

All of our compliance courses come complete with an interactive element, be it quizzes, assessments or gamification. This is all very well, but how can administrators and compliance managers utilise these interactions to increase the impact of the training on the entire organisation?

We have just added a new feature to our reporting and tracking solution Omnitrack, allowing administrators and compliance managers to track all necessary data from each course completion. Below are four elements you can integrate and track with Omnitrack.

1. Assessments

The interactive ergonomics assessment in our health and safety course is just one of the many assessments that can be integrated with Omnitrack

Many of our courses include assessments to help establish an organisation’s level of risk. For example, in our health and safety course, which has been adapted for home workers, users undertake a number of assessments related to their workstation setup. These immersive assessments can be integrated. Administrators can then collect rich, actionable data from their users while they complete these assessments. Whether staff are working remotely or from an office, our tool will help businesses ensure all their staff have a comfortable and healthy space to work from home.

Similarly, our mental health course includes a self-assessment on work-related stress. To ensure that businesses can help staff who are struggling with work-related stress or anxiety, or to simply gain an overall understanding of how your staff are affected by stress, the assessment can easily be integrated with Omnitrack. This integration will allow administrators to play an important role in monitoring their staff’s mental wellbeing.

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VinciWorks releases new tax evasion course

VinciWorks’ new tax evasion course takes a modern, fresh approach to tax evasion training with a focus on industry-specific guidance, role-relevant scenarios and an interactive, engaging approach to ensuring all staff have the skills and understanding they need to prevent facilitation of tax evasion.

Tax evasion training game

The Criminal Finances Act created a corporate criminal offence for failing to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion. This places the responsibility on businesses to have “reasonable procedures” in place to ensure none of their employees or contractors are involved in helping someone evade their taxes anywhere in the world. Guidance from HMRC advises that reasonable procedures should be guided by the following 6 principles:

  • Risk assessment
  • Proportionality of risk-based prevention procedures
  • Top-level commitment
  • Due diligence
  • Communication and training
  • Monitoring and review
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VinciWorks releases new Anti-Bribery Fundamentals course

Despite the UK Bribery Act having come into force in 2010, bribery is still a hugely problematic issue in corporate life. Billions of pounds of fines are levied every year and frequent reports hit the headlines of investigations and prosecutions from the US Department of Justice and UK Serious Fraud Office.

Bribery cases have ensnared some of the world’s largest companies, biggest sporting bodies and most powerful politicians. The propensity for some people to act corruptly might never change, but our approach to training and compliance can.

VinciWorks has just released Anti-Bribery Fundamentals, a new anti-bribery course that will give employees the opportunity to understand the risks of bribery in their working life as well as to test their knowledge and understanding of the subject, and teach them how to avoid becoming ensnared in bribery.

In this course, we take the lessons from the last ten years of bribery in the corporate world and distill that into an action-packed half-hour course that combines real-life case studies, interactive games, relevant scenarios and a fully customisable course experience to make sure your bribery procedures are fit for purpose.

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Gifts and hospitality registers with Omnitrack

How does your organisation collect and process gifts and corporate hospitality given to your staff? How do you track the gifts given by your staff to current or potential clients?

Globally, organisations are bound by complex and ever-changing legal obligations and industry-specific compliance requirements. Clients also often expect their professional service firms to have certain risk management procedures in place, such as gift registers and anti-bribery training. But without a structured and secure data collection system, organisations can waste time and resources trying to ensure compliance.

Omnitrack is VinciWorks’ solution to collecting, storing and managing data. The Omnitrack Gifts and Hospitality Register allows managers to receive instant notifications for all gifts given and received. This enables them to make informed decisions on the next steps, such as whether to approve or deny the gift in question.

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DAC6 e-learning courses updated for UK MDR changes

On 31 December 2020, the UK made drastic changes to its domestic version of DAC6.

Significantly, in the EU DAC6 reporting applies for five different categories of hallmarks, whereas in the UK DAC6 only applies for hallmark D.

VinciWorks has updated its DAC6 e-learning courses to reflect these changes.

What changes have we made to our DAC6 training?

Upon launching the course, learners are profiled based on their location:

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DAC6 reporting with Omnitrack available across the EU and UK

As the initial reporting deadline for DAC6 approaches, VinciWorks’ DAC6 reporting tool is prepared for reporting across EU member states and the UK.

One of the complexities of DAC6 is in fact that each jurisdiction has implemented DAC6 differently with different reporting requirements and different XML schemas for automated reporting.

VinciWorks’ Omnitrack software adapts itself to the reporting requirements of each jurisdiction, collects all of the necessary information and can generate a valid XML file.

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MyStory China: VinciWorks to release new Chinese Harassment and Bullying Course

Everyone has the right to work free of unlawful discrimination or harassment, but unfortunately this does not always happen. Sexual harassment is one of the most pervasive forms of unlawful discrimination and it can impact every business and every person. Following the PRC’s release of new obligations aimed at preventing sexual harassment, VinciWorks will soon be releasing a new course aimed at raising awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexual harassment, harassment, and bullying in the workplace. The course complies with the sexual harassment obligations in force as of 1 January 2020 contained in Article 1010 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China (中华人民共和国民法典).

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VinciWorks to release new online PECR video course

Screenshot of PECR video course

We’ve come a long way from the times when the best way to market was to print an ad in the newspaper. Most marketing now is done digitally, using email, texts, or sometimes still phone and fax, but when using these methods, users’ privacy must be considered. If your marketing staff uses phone, email, text or fax, if your organisation uses cookies or similar technology on its website, or compiles any sort of telephone directory of contact numbers, PECR applies to you. 

PECR refers to the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, a law that governs how businesses are allowed to market to customers using electronic technology. The law is wide-reaching as it covers all industries and is applicable across the board. Breaches of PECR can leave company directors personally liable for fines of up to £500,000 per breach. PECR is applicable across the EU and the UK, and the law in the UK as it applies now will not be affected by Brexit.

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