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VinciWorks is continuously updating their courses, releasing new learning tools and creating new products. Get all the updates here.

Coming soon – Occupational health and safety training package

Occupational Health and Safety at Work course screenshot

“The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires all businesses in the UK to provide whatever information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of employees.”

Despite the legal requirement, health and safety training has a bad reputation. Most people working in an office don’t want to do it, and won’t think about it much again. VinciWorks is currently developing a new OHS course designed to make training more engaging and relevant to the user’s workplace.

Health and Safety for Office Workers

VinciWorks’ Health and Safety for Office Workers course delivers short, interactive health and safety training units which are customised to the specific office they work in by default. Gone are the endless slides that bear little to no relevance to a person’s working environment. Health and Safety for Office Workers provides all the health and safety information in one place.

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New course release – Diversity and Inclusion at Work: MyStory

Everyone has the right to be safe and respected at work. But this does not always happen. Following the release of our story-based harassment course, VinciWorks has released a new diversity course, Diversity and Inclusion at Work: MyStory. This training sheds light on stories of discrimination all too frequently experienced by people in the workplace.

MyStory raises awareness of the prevalence and impact of discrimination. It is designed to bring to life the real impact of equality and diversity through storytelling. The user is presented with a series of short, hard-hitting personal accounts of diversity-related discrimination at work.

Demo the course

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DAC6 training and reporting tools

DAC6 training flowchart screenshot
The DAC6 interactive flowchart allows users to gain a clear understanding of which hallmarks and categories they are required to report on

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union (ECONFIN) adopted the 6th Directive on Administrative Cooperation (“DAC6”) requiring tax intermediaries to report certain cross border arrangements.

The new EU rules which aim to clamp down on aggressive tax planning are set to impose a huge compliance burden on taxpayers and their advisers, potentially even in circumstances where there is no tax benefit at all.

VinciWorks’ DAC6 course, DAC6: Fundamentals, will help all entities who may be considered tax intermediaries develop an understanding of DAC6. The course follows a flow-chart navigation and includes example scenarios to help users understand DAC6. VinciWorks also offers a DAC6 reporting tool to help intermediaries easily keep track of and report cross-border transactions.

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VinciWorks to release GDPR refresher training and advanced modules

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an ongoing process. Organisations should regularly review and update their policies and data collection processes, as well as take training. The best way to refresh staff’s knowledge is to enrol them in a new course around once a year, rather than simply ask them to take the same course they took a year ago. As we approach a year since GDPR came into force, VinciWorks will be adding a new course to the GDPR training suite that includes both refresher training and advanced modules.

How does the course work?

The recommended use of GDPR: A Practical Overview is to put all staff through the basic six modules, and to add advanced modules to specialised staff in certain departments. However, the course can be customised to provide any number of modules in a variety of combinations depending on your industry and data protection training needs.

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New course release – Phishing Challenge 3.0

Screenshot of VinciWorks' interactive phishing training
VinciWorks’ Phishing Challenge 3.0 can be fully customised to contain emails related to your industry and staff

Periodic phishing training reduces the risk to your organisation

Data from 16,000 completions of the VinciWorks Phishing Challenge shows that 15% of users are at high risk of falling for a phishing scam. That risk level dropped to 5% for users who completed at least two challenges.

VinciWorks has released Phishing Challenge 3.0 with a brand new set of emails to reinforce phishing education. In this simulation, users are presented with a series of suspicious emails and must identify red flags.

Demo Phishing Challenge 3.0

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Three Phishing Challenges to assess employee risk

Phishing micro-course banner

Employees are the weakest link in most cyber security attacks. VinciWorks’ Phishing Challenges address this weakness by training employees to spot phishing emails.

This five-minute, mobile-friendly challenges:

  • Educate users on how to spot suspicious emails
  • Produce a report with each employee’s phishing risk score
  • Enable you to identify high-risk employees
  • Challenge users to spot red-flags in real phishing emails

Demo Phishing Challenge 1.0

Demo Phishing Challenge 2.0

Demo Phishing Challenge 3.0

The Phishing Challenges are designed as “micro-courses”, a five-minute, SCORM-compliant e-learning course that can be used in any learning management system to track user completions and risk score.

It is available for free, whether or not you are a VinciWorks client.

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VinciWorks’ risk-based antitrust law training

Screenshot from the course, Antitrust: Know Your Market

VinciWorks has released a new course as part of our “Know Your Compliance” series. Antitrust Law: Know Your Market is a scenrio-based course that presents the user with a set of realistic characters and scenarios from all walks of life, some of whom may be trying to engage in anticompetitive practices. It is up to users to assess the risk of each situation and decide on the best course of action based on company procedures and the law.

Demo course

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New Course Available in Multiple Languages Including Emoji, Pirate and Yoda

Business continuity course Gif
In VinciWorks’ latest course, users can easily switch between languages via an onscreen widget

A recent survey of senior risk managers uncovered the following scenarios as the top unforeseeable risks to business continuity:

  • 😟 Emoji’s taking over the 👑 Queen’s English 😟
  • Yer cabin bein’ relocated t’ a pirate ship
  • By a Death Star has your office been attacked

Preparing your staff for any eventuality through effective training in the proper language is key to successfully recovering from a crisis.

Business Continuity – be ready for any event

The new course Business Continuity: Being Aware equips your organisation for these risky, albeit remote, situations with training in the most relevant language.

Free demo

Business Continuity screenshot
Are you ready for English to be replaced by Emoji?

Course features

  • Switch between languages with the onscreen language widget
  • Fully customisable to include internal procedures
  • Available in SCORM

The course can be added to your Learning Management System upon request. Other languages are available at an additional cost.

VinciWorks’ 2019 course release schedule

Following a successful 2018 that saw over 420,000 course completions, we are excited to present our tentative plan for our new course releases and updates planned for 2019. Every year, VinciWorks plans its course schedule based on a combination of client feedback and prevalent compliance issues. Based on this, we are planning to release training on the SRA Standards and Regulations, DAC6, GDPR, cyber security and more. VinciWorks has also added several US-focussed compliance courses.

Note: this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change as we continuously review the compliance training needs of our clients.

Released courses

Competition Law

Screenshot of competition module in competition law training

Organisations have a responsibility and a legal obligation to comply with competition law and ensure staff have proper training on the topic. Competition Law: Know Your Market drops users into a set of immersive scenarios that test their knowledge, understanding and ability to comply with the Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002.

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VinciWorks’ gamified FCPA training

Gif showing FCPA training
Users complete the course by answering scenrio-based questions

VinciWorks has released a new anti-corruption course to help businesses comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

FCPA: Know Your Deal drops users into an immersive set of real-life scenarios to test their understanding, ability and knowledge to uncover the risk of bribery in their working life.

Demo the course

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