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VinciWorks to release new online PECR video course

We’ve come a long way from the times when the best way to market was to print an ad in the newspaper. Most marketing now is done digitally, using email, texts, or sometimes still phone and fax, but when using these methods, users’ privacy must be considered. If your marketing staff uses phone, email, text or fax, if your organisation uses cookies or similar technology on its website, or compiles any sort of telephone directory of contact numbers, PECR applies to you. 

PECR refers to the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, a law that governs how businesses are allowed to market to customers using electronic technology. The law is wide-reaching as it covers all industries and is applicable across the board. Breaches of PECR can leave company directors personally liable for fines of up to £500,000 per breach. PECR is applicable across the EU and the UK, and the law in the UK as it applies now will not be affected by Brexit.

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The development of the UK Bribery Act 2010

Bribery and corruption in context

As the UK Bribery Act 2010, the world’s strongest piece of anti-corruption legislation reaches its tenth year, we look back on how the Bribery Act came to be.

Corruption you can see

The case of John Poulson provides an example of how small-scale bribery can, if unchecked, build up into a multi-million pound industry. Over 30 years Poulson, though not a qualified architect, and starting with just a £50 loan, built up the largest architectural practice in Europe through the corrupt purchase of local government contracts in northern England, and of contracts for the re-development of major railway termini through bribery of a British Rail employee, Graham Tunbridge. The bribes involved were not always large. When Tunbridge became Estates and Rating Surveyor for BR Southern Region, he gave Poulson contracts for the redevelopment of London Waterloo, Cannon Street and East Croydon stations–all in return for £253 a week and the loan of a Rover car.

Such corruption breeds more corruption; it was estimated at Poulson’s trial that 23 local authorities and over 300 individuals were involved. But the corruption had other deleterious effects. Taxpayers’ money was misused in paying more than the contracts might have cost on an open public tender. 

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VinciWorks to release new anti-bribery course

Despite the UK Bribery Act having come into force in 2010, bribery is still a hugely problematic issue in corporate life. Billions of pounds of fines are levied every year and frequent reports hit the headlines of investigations and prosecutions from the US Department of Justice and UK Serious Fraud Office.

Bribery cases have ensnared some of the world’s largest companies, biggest sporting bodies and most powerful politicians. The propensity for some people to act corruptly might never change, but our approach to training and compliance can.

VinciWorks will soon be releasing Anti-Bribery: Fundamentals, a new anti-bribery course that will give employees the opportunity to understand the risks of bribery in their working life as well as to test their knowledge and understanding of the subject, and teach them how to avoid becoming ensnared in bribery.

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Health & safety – New manual handling training module

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires all businesses in the UK to provide whatever information, instruction, training and supervision is necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees at work. Despite the legal requirement, health and safety training has a bad reputation. Due to training being branded boring by employees, it has been seen primarily as a tick-box exercise rather than an important step in making the workplace safer.

New manual handing training module

Manual Handling training

Over one third of all work related injuries are from manual handling. The most common are back injuries. Anyone involved in transporting items by their hands or bodily force should be aware of safe manual handling techniques, and the risks involved.

We have just added a new interactive module to our health and safety compliance training.

The manual handling module covers:

  • Employers’ responsibilities to keep their staff safe
  • Best-practice guidance on lifting, pushing and pulling devices
  • How to best push and pull heavy objects on heavy surfaces
  • Instances when a detailed risk assessment is required

The module can either be taken as a standalone course or added to our health and safety compliance course.

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Found in Translation: Translate any VinciWorks course

Almost all UK legislation, such as GDPR, the Criminal Finances Act 2017, the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and the Bribery Act 2010, has extra-territorial reach. It is therefore critical to an international business’ global compliance plan that all staff are made aware of the laws, wherever they are and whatever language they speak. Failure to show that your staff across the globe have undergone the correct training can result in large fines and a damaged reputation.

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The code is yours: VinciWorks’ upcoming “build your own” code of conduct training

What is a code of conduct?

Every organisation has a code of conduct, but not everyone has bespoke training to cover it. A strong code of conduct is vital for employees to know what is expected of them and a successful code of conduct that is followed by all employees, from leadership to each and every worker, is an important part of building an ethical, inclusive culture at work. But simply reading the code is not enough to ensure that staff understand and remember its contents. For successful implementation to have a chance, training, along with consistent and continued enforcement, updates and improvements is necessary. 

Bespoke code of conduct training

VinciWorks’ upcoming code of conduct course is a build-your-own, fully customisable course that enables organisations to instantly turn their hefty documents into a free flowing bespoke interactive course. The course takes a deep but thoroughly engaging approach to Code of Conduct training, covering every possible topic from discrimination, sexual harassment and diversity to fair competition, bribery to cyber security, health and safety, modern slavery, and many more.

The course features an easy-to-follow scroll layout with interactivity built in at every step of the way to help guarantee understanding and internalisation of the material learnt. Administrators can build out every aspect of the course. This begins with choosing which compliance topics to cover in the training but extends further than that. Decide everything from course colours and branding to the course duration. These customisations can be implemented in minutes while taking the course. Once you build out the course, the changes implemented can instantly be reviewed.

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VinciWorks’ DAC6 reporting solution awarded runner up prize in the British Legal Technology Awards

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Runner up prize for IT product or service of the year

Thursday 12 November, 2020

This year, our DAC6 reporting solution was awarded the runner up prize in the category of IT Product or Service of the Year in the British Legal Tech Awards. The announcement took place during a virtual black-tie ceremony hosted by Netlaw Media and follows hard work from our full-time DAC6 team consisting of developers, subject-matter experts, support technicians and designers. We congratulate Orbital Witness for coming out first-place winners in the category.

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New course release: Phishing Challenge 4.0

Research shows that even with all of the right IT protections in place, a majority of staff are at medium to high risk of falling prey to phishing attacks. These types of attacks are especially dangerous because, in contrast to other types of scams that may be easier to detect, phishing attacks use psychological gimmicks to trick the victim: they are designed to look credible and are sometimes even personalised. Therefore, even with all the right IT protection in place, one employee could click on one wrong link and potentially bring down a whole company.

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New course release – Email@Risk

Email comes with risks, whether in personal or professional settings. Email is usually irretrievable, and all too often people don’t think before clicking send or clicking a suspicious link. One wrong click could cripple your company in a matter of minutes. Each time we open our email, we’re diving into a world of risks.

VinciWorks’ new course, Email@Risk, is designed to help users understand what those risks are and how to take action to mitigate the risks and avoid your email address being the source of the next great data breach or embarrassing ‘reply all’.

The course takes a modern, engaging approach to training on this subject with a focus on relevant, clean design, up to date information and guidance, tips and interactive questions and exercises to ensure that staff have the skills they need to recognise and responsibly respond to a wide variety of email-related risks and threats.

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Ten ways to customise your compliance training

We are passionate about behavioural change. We believe that e-learning has the potential to surpass the classroom experience by delivering targeted, personalised content that feels relevant to every user. 

But ensuring that each learner takes a course that is engaging and relevant to their specific job role and learning needs is a challenge. What’s the best way to do this? 

VinciWorks is leading the way with training that is more customisable than ever and specifically tailored to each user. In many cases, a course can be customised at the click of a button, and there are many different ways you can customise a course. Here’s a quick rundown of all the things you can do to personalise a course and make it your own.

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