Tailoring courses has just become a whole lot easier. If you’ve ever wanted to customise your organisation’s online training, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced long forms to complete, having to scour long documents and mark up changes, or cumbersome editing tools that require hours of training. Our team has worked tirelessly to build an in-browser editing tool that allows you to make changes to your courses in real-time.

For the first time, you can now tailor your e-learning directly within the course. Edits are clearly visible as you make them and results can easily be shared with your colleagues via a unique link.

This revolutionary feature is now available in beta as part of the new ESG and Sustainability collection of courses. Over the next few months, it will be added to more courses across the library and eventually become the simplest way to edit any VinciWorks course.

You can start using it today when you license any of these new courses.

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How to get the most from in-browser course editing

Add your company logo

Editing tool - How to add your logo to your training

Give your training some brand identity by instantly adding your company’s logo.

Change the text

In-browser course edit mode - Change text

We understand that training should be as relevant as possible to each user. In edit mode, you can click on any text and change it. You may decide to make minor tweaks to titles and the copy to make it relevant to your staff or industry or rewrite whole sections if you want to include your company’s own procedures and policies.

Switch sections on/off

Course editing mode - Switching off sections

Want to make the course shorter, or remove sections that might not be relevant to all your staff? Simply switch the toggle to off in any section.

Share changes with colleagues

Sustainability course edit mode

At any point in your editing journey, you can send your changes to colleagues to review, or to our support team to create your course.

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